2BHK Scheme 4nd Phase in Hyderabad Latest Status

In the vibrant landscape of Hyderabad, a tale of transformation unfolds with the 2BHK Scheme’s 4th Phase. Today, we embark on a journey to uncover the “2BHK Scheme 4th Phase in Hyderabad latest status,” tracing the footsteps of progress and promise.


As the city buzzes with anticipation, we bring you the freshest insights into the groundbreaking initiative’s current state. Join us as we navigate the corridors of change, exploring the “2BHK Scheme 4th Phase in Hyderabad latest status” that echoes through the fabric of dreams and aspirations. Let the revelation begin!

The Telangana government’s visionary 2BHK Scheme, also known as the Double Bedroom Housing Scheme, has been a beacon of hope for economically weaker sections (EWS) since its inception in 2015. The fourth phase of this transformative program, announced in 2023, is poised to bring about significant positive changes by providing affordable housing to eligible families across the state, particularly in Hyderabad.


Current Status (As of October 5, 2023):

As of the latest update on October 5, 2023, the Telangana government is yet to release the beneficiary list for the 4th phase of the 2BHK Scheme in Hyderabad. However, the government has assured that the list will be unveiled later in October 2023. This phase aims to construct and distribute an impressive 2.50 lakh 2BHK flats to eligible families, a testament to the scheme’s commitment to providing quality housing to those in need.

Expansion Across Hyderabad:

Under the 4th phase, the government plans to construct 2BHK flats in various strategic locations across Hyderabad. These include L.B. Nagar, Uppal, Kukatpally, Rajendranagar, Hayathnagar, Malakpet, Secunderabad, Khairatabad, Musheerabad, Nizamabad, and Karimnagar. This expansive reach ensures that eligible families from different parts of the city can benefit from the scheme.


Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the 2BHK Scheme 4th Phase in Hyderabad, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Indian Citizenship and Domicile:
    • Applicants must be Indian citizens and domiciled in Telangana state.
  2. EWS Category and Income Criteria:
    • Applicants must belong to the EWS category, with an annual income not exceeding INR 2 lakh in urban areas or INR 1.5 lakh in rural areas.
  3. No Existing Pucca House:
    • Applicants must not own a pucca house in their name or in the name of any family member anywhere in India.
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  4. No Previous Government Housing Scheme Benefits:
    • Applicants should not have availed of any government housing scheme benefits in the past.

Application Process:

The application process for the 2BHK Scheme 4th Phase in Hyderabad is anticipated to commence in October 2023. Interested individuals can apply online through the official website of the Telangana Housing Corporation Ltd. (TSCL). This streamlined online process is designed to make it convenient for applicants to submit their details and documentation.

Documents Required:

When applying for the 2BHK Scheme 4th Phase in Hyderabad, applicants will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Aadhaar Card:
    • A crucial identification document that serves as proof of identity and residence.
  2. Ration Card:
    • A document indicating the economic status of the applicant and their family.
  3. Income Certificate:
    • Providing evidence of the applicant’s annual income, a key factor in determining eligibility.
  4. Caste Certificate (if applicable):
    • Necessary for applicants belonging to specific caste categories.
  5. PwD Certificate (if applicable):
    • Required for applicants falling under the Persons with Disabilities category.

Benefits of 2BHK Scheme 4th Phase in Hyderabad:

The 2BHK Scheme 4th Phase in Hyderabad presents a myriad of benefits to eligible families:

  1. Affordable Housing:
    • The 2BHK flats are provided free of cost to eligible families, ensuring affordability and reducing the financial burden on beneficiaries.
  2. Well-Built Flats:
    • The flats are constructed to high standards, incorporating essential amenities such as electricity, water, and drainage.
  3. Convenient Location:
    • The strategic construction of 2BHK flats across various locations in Hyderabad ensures that beneficiaries have easy access to workplaces, schools, and other essential facilities.


The 2BHK Scheme stands as a testament to the Telangana government’s commitment to uplifting the economically weaker sections by providing them with quality housing. The 4th phase, with its ambitious goal of benefiting 2.50 lakh families in Hyderabad, showcases the scheme’s ongoing impact.

As the beneficiary list is expected to be released later in October 2023, those interested in applying for this transformative program should stay vigilant and regularly check the official website of the Telangana Housing Corporation Ltd. for the latest updates.


This initiative not only addresses the housing needs of the economically vulnerable but also contributes to the overall development and welfare of the state.

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