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About Child labour essay is the main topic of this post. Students can have their short essay on child labour from here.

This is a very short essay specially made for Class 7,8,9,10,11, & 12 students. This essay is written in various words for all the students.

Read this essay and learn basics about child labour.


Essay on Child Labour 10 Lines

This child labour essay is written about 10 lines for class 3,4,5.

1. Child Labour is a terrible thing and should be eliminated.

2. At Fair World Project we know that the best way to end child labour is to remove children from the workforce, and provide them with education.

3. This means providing a school that they can attend in place of working in an exploitative business.

4. Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood.

5. It is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful for any children.

6. Child labour is a complex phenomenon that exists on various levels to various degrees.

7. Unfortunately not only has the scale of the problem increased, it has also grown in complexity.

8. A significant cause of child labour is poverty.


9. Some children work because they are orphans and have no one to support them.

10. We all have a responsibility to stop it and give every children proper education.

Essay on Child Labor

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Essay on Child Labour in 100 Words

Child labour in sweatshops is a major problem in the world today. Millions of children are forced to work for long hours in hot and dusty surroundings, at only some few cents per day.

Child labour refers to work that affects children’s mental, emotional and physical development and their education and play.

Long hours and being forced to work in dangerous conditions are examples of child labour.

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The companies employing child labour don’t even pay the children’s school fees. The children are often not allowed to join schools and are denied the associated benefits.

Children commonly work in factories or as servants. Other children work because a family is too poor to support them, either with income or with food and shelter.

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Essay on Child Labour in 150 Words

Childhood is the best part of our life. It is full of innocence and joy. It is the part of life when we are free from all the responsibilities.

In some scenarios this is not the case, some children are burdened by the responsibilities of their family, so they do some work.

Child labour is the act of employing children at an early age.

It has become a social issue and the main reason for the existence of child labour is poverty.

Parents below the poverty line are not able to fulfill the basic needs of their family, so children are forced to work on low wages in unhygienic conditions.


The government has made several policies to encourage these students to study. free education and mid-day meal are provided in the government school.

It is the responsibility of the citizens to not hiring children for work and encouraging them to get an education. Children are meant to lean and not to earn.

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Child Labour Essay 200 Words

The engagement of child laborers is a heinous social offense. This formidable social slur can on no ground be justified. Only a diseased society keeps up this evil practice.

Children are born to live and bloom freely. They are the future of the nation.

The state should see to the full expression of its potentials. For, ‘what is done to children, they will do to society.’

But for a long time, child-laborer has been in vogue in our country. We too enjoy their services at hotels
and restaurants, factories and houses. They are the automatic choice of employers. For, they work more but are underpaid.

Poverty, parental neglect, and social callousness turn them into child laborers. Poverty, Overpopulation, and lack of education are some major factors behind this problem.

The situation of child labor has been worsened in our days.

Thanks to the court. The child-labor ban act was passed. We must not violate the act. Let all children enjoy the glory and beauty of childhood.

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Child Labour Essay in India | 250 Words


  • Children are the future-
  • Causes of Child labour-
  • Effects of Child labour-
  • Solution for Child labour-

Child labour is the biggest problem in India. A lot of children working from their very early age.

The reason maybe some different but child labour is not good at all. And it occur a great impact in our society.

Because children are the future of our next generation. And if things goes like this then our future is in danger.

From the very early industrialization child labour started. Just to make great profit.

Because that’s a great option for the factory owners to produce more goods with less investment.

They used children to work maximum time with great effort. And thus they made great profit.

In India children are used in the same respect, to make more profit with less investment.

Children are paid less amount of money and use to do more work with extra time.

In India we can see children working on shops, tea stoles, factories and several places. An here the reason maybe something different.

Here children are suppose to do work to survive their life and family. Because a huge number of people living in poverty.

And to survive their life and their family they have to do work, there is no option for them.

To prevent child labour the Government should take better decision and make our India poverty-free. This is the only solution for child labour.

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Child Labour Essay Conclusion

So this is the exact condition of children of our country India. Here in most cases children are suppose to do work not forcefully but they have not any other option.

But we must keep it in mind that a child is to learn new things everyday. They suppose to become educate and gather knowledge for a bright future.

Because we all know children are the future of our next generation. We must give them a better future instead of burden.


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