An Essay on Environment

An essay on Environment is very useful for everyone. It’s an informative type of article that direct our life toward positive roles.

We all know that pollution is increasing day by day which is very harmful for us and our environment.

So we must be aware of our planet and it’s environment for a healthy living.

Essay on Environment 10 Lines

Here is An Essay on Environment in 10 lines

for kids. Specially for the students of class 3,4,5.

1. Environment is the surrounding of a man living on the earth.

2. It is our home & we all living beings are part of the environment like plants, animals, air & water.

3. It gives us the basic requirements of our life on this planet: land, water, air, food.

4. We have a responsibility to preserve the natural world, and to protect the planet from damage.

5. The environment should be a top priority for everyone in the entire world.

6. But environmental problems are becoming a major issue in this world today.

7. When we think of the environment, we think of global warming, humans, and animals being affected by carbon emissions, and so on.

8. To live with environmental problems is challenging for everyone.

9. We should have the right knowledge & awareness about it and try to take preventive steps to stop this.

10. If we are wanting to live a healthy, fit and productive life then we must be aware of this pollutions.

An Essay on Environment

Essay on Environment 150 Words

Read this essay on environment 150 words. Student of class 6,7,8 can use this essay.


This article talks about the environment and its importance. It tells us why we should give importance to the environment while taking decisions like choosing a career.

The environment is the place where a person lives, and it includes everything from the air we breathe to what we eat to the things we do.

The environment is what surrounds us. the air that we breathe, the place where we live, the things around and so on. says a lot about the quality of our environment to see what’s happening around us, or what has happened.

Environmental pollution is a big problem of the modern world. No city in the world is free from this pollution. As we are advancing in our technolo­gy, the environmental degradation also on the increase.

The air, even water and land, which are sources of life for us, seem to have been poisoned by us. People are suffering from various diseases due to this carelessness and negligence of ours.

We must be very careful about using chemical fertilizers and insecticides in agriculture. And also so many other things that pollute our environment so badly.

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An Essay on Environment 250 Words

If you are in class 9 or 10 then this essay is for you. This essay on environmental pollution in 250 words.

The environment is the setting, conditions, and habitat in which humans or other life forms live or in which something exists. The environment may refer to a place, a substance (media), such as air, water, and soil, a plant community (ecosystem), a habitat within an ecosystem (biome), or sometimes more generally to the biophysical environment.

Humans are the most intelligent species on this planet. This makes us rule this world, and with all the powers we have been blessed with, we should be taking full advantage of them.

Over the years, as industrialization has progressed, humans have made a detrimental impact on our environment. We have dumped too many chemicals and heat into the earth. We have cleared away forests, and we have polluted the water.

We have driven species after species of animals and insects to near extinction. However, there may be a way to reverse some of this destruction by taking steps toward protecting our environment today.

If we all try to be more mindful of our actions and if we can try to change ourselves, change will become possible in our world!

We must think about our actions and realize that they have a lasting effect on our beautiful planet

. We should work towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world for future generations to come. Then only we will truly be deserving of the title ‘King of the World’?
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Essay on Environment 500 Words

If you are looking for a long descriptive essay then here it is. This essay is written in 500 words for higher class students.

An essay is the first form of art to express feelings. It is inspired by the environment, environment can be anything including school or home, institutions, and whatever happens around the writer.

It can be the opinion of the writer, it can be based on personal experience or real-life incidents, anything that has an effect on the writer.


Environment is an important word used for the surroundings or to describe the condition in which people, animals, and plants live. As the first impression of a place, environment gives a unique message to its visitors.

Environment is a very large part of life. Everything that is happening around us is dependent upon this environment. So environment really plays an important role in day to day living.

Environment has been a great issue and attract the most important thing for living beings.

Environment and it’s importance:

What makes our world a perfect place to live? Obviously, it is nature that has all the charms that we are in continuous awe of. Do you know how much we depend on nature and its elements?

Environment is the basic condition in which people, animals and plants live. It is their surroundings or conditions in which they naturally develop, grow and live.

Environment includes everything from climate to vegetation to temperature. Human beings depend on the natural environment for their water, food, and energy sources apart from the benefits that are provided by air, light, and gravity. Thus it plays a very important role in the development of human society.

We all know that we have to do our bit to protect this planet for generations to come, but with day-to-day activities, it gets difficult for an individual to spare some time for the planet. This environmental issue requires collective efforts from each one of us.

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Environmental issues:

Environmental pollution is one of the greatest problems of the present era.

Environmental problems are of global concern that we don’t have to worry about it much. There is a great loss of natural resources because of the population growth. If we don’t take care of resources, then our future will be in trouble.

The oxygen levels in our earth’s atmosphere are being reduced drastically and the environment is being polluted at faster rate than ever. How we can save our trees, animals and our whole environment from devastation.

It is often stated that in today’s world, the environment has become a victim of carelessness. While this is no doubt true, it is also important to note that there are many people and organizations who are dedicated to environmental protection.

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Environment is actually the main topic in the discussion of all countries right now. However, due to particular policies and activities, there is massive destruction of the environment, especially that the temperature from human activity has increased.

There are many ways to prevent environment pollution like: using public transport, energy-saving devices, alternative of plastics etc.

In this regard, it needs a person to take some action and initiative to spread environmental awareness. Actually, what should be done and how do we maintain our life upon our mother earth?


The main idea of an essay on environment is that environment should not be polluted. We have to preserve and protect the environment. There are three important aspects of environmental pollution. They are air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution.


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