An Essay on Mobile Phone

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Essay on Mobile Phone 10 Lines

Here is an short essay on mobile phone for kids, class 2,3,4,5. Written in 10 lines.

1. Many of us are dependent on our mobile phones.


2. It has become a part of our life and now, it is impossible to imagine how we lived without it earlier.

3. In modern life today everyone has a mobile phone but mobile phones.

4. It not only supports communication but also provides a means of entertainment.

5. They are like mini computers and television for some people.

6. And it can even replace those objects, as you can watch videos, take pictures or even listen to the radio with them.

7. Moreover, they help us by providing information on different places we plan to visit.


8. As well as it has many disadvantages too like heavy radiations cause cancers, causes eye problems.

9. Including mentally and physically ill, we could be affected through it with cyber attacks, internet hacking.

10. No doubt it’s an wonderful invention but we must be aware of these facts before using its benefit.

An Essay on Mobile Phone
An Essay on Mobile Phone

An Essay on Mobile Phone 150 words

This short essay is for class 6,7, 8 students. This essay is written almost in 150 words.

Mobile phones are nothing but a modern gadget that we use to communicate with each other. It is a great revolution in the science of communication and medicine.

The introduction of mobile phones into our lives has fundamentally changed how we live. Nowadays, people cannot imagine their lives without a mobile phone. The smartphone technology that has been developed in the 21st century has contributed to the expansion of mobile communication.


Mobile phones have become a necessity for people of all ages. The fact that it allows one to connect and communicate with each other makes it indispensable. There are various interesting facts about mobile phones such as its history, how it became a huge part of our daily lives and the benefits that come by acquiring one.

The rapid growth of cell phone at an ever-increasing rate in India is a matter of concern for both the government and leaders in cellular industry.

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An Essay on Mobile Phone 250 words

An essay on mobile phone in 200-250 words for the students of class 9,10.

Mobile phones are a very helpful thing, it can be used in helping us communicate through it.

It was developed from just only voice calls, to a camera for digitalizing all your important pictures and sending them to another mobile phone or computer over the Internet.

Mobile phones has also been used for making calls, text messaging, playing games and radios as well.

The mobile phone has evolved from just being a simple feature phone into more advanced and complex smartphones. There are so many different types of phones these days, which makes it hard to know what kind of cell phone you should get.


Mobile phones have become a necessity of life nowadays. There are many brands available in the market and people use the internet for various purposes from shopping to banking to other communication activities.

To access the services people opt for mobile phone and they enjoy the comfort of staying connected. They can also do their banking, book any ticket, book any room, etc.

This convenience changed the whole scenario of life as these mobile phones made the world smaller. It has made our lives very easy and comfortable. As the technology is growing rapidly, you will find that there are lots of things that you can do with your mobile phone.

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An Essay on Mobile Phone 500 words

Here is the long descriptive essay on mobile phone within 500 words for higher class students.

Mobile phones are now more than just communication devices, but it also serves as a useful tool in our daily lives. The purpose of this essay is to enlighten the reader on the importance of mobile phone in each and every part of our lives.

Introduction :

Nowadays, all of us use the mobile phones. We use them for various purposes. This has been possible due to the evolution of technology. In today’s world, one cannot do without a mobile phone because they have become an integral part of our lives.

Many people argue that the best thing that happened in the technology world was the advent of the mobile phones.


Before the introduction of this technology, it was impossible for people to communicate with each other without physically being there.

Since it’s invention it has taken away this restriction and has made it possible for people to be in contact wherever they are.

This is especially important in case of emergencies when one needs to contact someone almost immediately. The major advantage of mobile phones is that one doesn’t need to worry about zero coverage areas because mobile can be used anywhere there is a service provider. Because of these advantages, mobile phones have been accepted as an integral part of our lives.

Advantages of Mobile Phone :

Here are some best advantages of mobile phone which we could use for.

Mobile phone is as much second half of our body. In today’s world, we can not imagine our life without a mobile phone.

Today I’d like to mention some of the benefits of the mobile phone for our daily life and work, which will help us think about using it as efficiently as possible.

The process of communication between people in the world began to be modernized with its birth.

The Mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions of the modern era. It has taken the communication industry to a different level altogether.

No part of our life is spared by its influence. It has become a part and parcel of our daily routine. We can’t imagine living without it, as we are slaves to its charm and utility it offers us.

Today, one can go everywhere with a mobile phone in hand. The smartphone will help to simplify our life with such services as social networks, GPS navigation, and games. Our lives are full of constant communication via a smartphone connection.

That’s why, our friends from the mobile network operators offer us even more useful services.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone :

Today, these devices allow us to check the time and date, keep track of appointments and even hold the answer to every question we could ever ask in our hands.

Yes, mobile phones have become an intricate part our lives and it’s sort of difficult not having them if you rely on them for your day-to-day activities. The following are a few drawbacks of having a cell phone:

A disadvantage of Mobile Phone is that they allow bad teenagers to talk all night long.

The main disadvantages include too much usage, deterioration of eyesight, reduction in our productivity and over dependency.

There will be some more bad effects on the body; such as easy to cause insomnia, can affect the mood, poor eyesight etc. So we should know how to control.

Many disadvantages of mobile phones are very well known, including the high radiation that can cause brain cancer; and many people are scared of it. I believe everyone knows this very well.

Here I just talk about this disadvantage but in fact, there are more huge and terrible disadvantages of mobile phones. Are you willing to know them?

Mobile Phone is an electronic device, so its operating system is vulnerable to the attack of other electronic devices and virus programs. The great risk demonstrated by the appearance of professional hackers makes us to be familiar with the basic precaution measures and maintenance skills.

Final Words

These mobile phones are becoming more and more popular but aside from the fact that they are easy to carry and not need a wire connection, they also have their disadvantages. So we must use it very carefully and securely.

So these are all about an essay on mobile phone, hope you have got your need. As I provide you a complete collection.

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What is mobile phone in essay?

A mobile phone is an electronic device which is use to communicate with people. This is not just a device but it is the thing where the whole world is within it.

What are the 10 uses of mobile phone?

Here are the ten uses of a mobile phone:

1. To talk with the people through voice call / video call.
2. Conversation through SMS.
3. Capture pictures with it’s camera.
4. Record videos.
5. Record any audio.
6. You could set alarms.
7. You could use google maps through it.
8. You could consume educational contents through it.
9. You could pay bills through your mobile phone.
10. Use banking system through it, like: UPI, Mobile Banking, Net Banking.

What is the importance of mobile phones?

Today it is a very important thing in our day to day life. Because we are swifting towards digital, so it is one the best thing to happen.

How do you write a smartphone essay?

First you have to write what is a smartphone, then write what are the main uses, it’s advantages and disadvantages. And finally write some conclusing words.


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