Antrashtriy Saksharta Divas

“Antarashtriya Saksharta Diwas” is the International Literacy Day, celebrated annually on September 8th. This day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1966 to promote and celebrate literacy as a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning.

International Literacy Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of literacy for individuals, communities, and societies. It also serves as an occasion to highlight the progress made in literacy rates globally and to address the challenges that still exist in achieving universal literacy.


Each year, UNESCO and its partners organize various events and activities to mark International Literacy Day and to promote literacy as a means to empower individuals and promote social and economic development. The theme for International Literacy Day may vary from year to year, focusing on specific aspects of literacy and education.

The celebration of International Literacy Day underscores the significance of literacy in achieving sustainable development goals and improving the quality of life for people around the world. It also serves as a reminder of the work that still needs to be done to ensure that everyone has access to education and the opportunity to acquire literacy skills.

Antrashtriy Saksharta Divas Speech

Hello everyone,


Today, we’re here to talk about a very special day, International Literacy Day, or “Antarashtriya Saksharta Divas.” It’s a day when the whole world comes together to celebrate something amazing: the ability to read and write.

Think about this:

when you can read, you can explore worlds hidden in books. You can discover new things, and you can share your thoughts with others through writing. It’s like having a superpower!

But not everyone has this superpower. Some people, including kids like us, don’t have the chance to learn how to read and write. That’s not fair, is it?

That’s why International Literacy Day is so important. It’s a day when we remind ourselves that everyone should have the chance to read and write. It’s a day to promise that we will help those who need it.

What can we do to help? Well, we can read more books and encourage our friends to read too. We can also help those who struggle with reading and writing.

And remember, learning is fun! So let’s celebrate this day by learning something new and sharing it with others. By doing that, we can make our world a better place, one word at a time.


So, on this International Literacy Day, let’s be superheroes of reading and writing, and let’s help others join the adventure of words. Thank you!

Antrashtriy Saksharta Divas Quotes


Certainly! Here are some quotes related to International Literacy Day (Antarashtriya Saksharta Divas):

  1. “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.” — Kofi Annan
  1. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” — Dr. Seuss
  1. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela
  1. “Literacy is not a luxury; it is a right and a responsibility. If our world is to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, we must harness the energy and creativity of all our citizens.” — Bill Clinton
  1. “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” — Frederick Douglass
  1. “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” — Joseph Addison
  1. “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” — Albert Einstein
  1. “Literacy is, finally, the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman, and child can realize his or her full potential.” — Kofi Annan
  1. “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” — Anna Quindlen
  1. “Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” — Joseph Addison
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These quotes emphasize the importance of literacy and the transformative power of reading and education in our lives.

Antrashtriy saksharta divas essay

International Literacy Day, celebrated on September 8th each year, is a beacon of global unity and enlightenment. It was conceived by UNESCO in 1965 and has since evolved into a dynamic platform that addresses contemporary literacy challenges while promoting the universal right to education.

The Genesis of Enlightenment

Originating from UNESCO’s vision, International Literacy Day was instituted to underscore the power of literacy as a driver of personal growth and societal progress. It began as a day to raise awareness about the importance of literacy but has since blossomed into a multifaceted celebration of learning.

Themes that Steer Progress

Each year, International Literacy Day adopts a specific theme that mirrors the evolving global literacy landscape. These themes range from digital literacy to literacy in marginalized communities, shedding light on crucial aspects of education in today’s interconnected world.

Fostering Empowerment Through Education

At its core, International Literacy Day is a testament to the transformative power of education. It champions the idea that education is not merely a tool for personal growth but also a means to empower individuals, dismantle barriers, and build a more inclusive world.

Global Unity and Initiatives

International Literacy Day serves as a global rallying point. Governments, NGOs, educators, and communities join forces, sharing insights and resources to improve literacy rates and champion equitable access to education.

Saluting Literacy Champions

It is also a day to honor the tireless champions of literacy. These individuals and organizations inspire and motivate with their unwavering commitment to advancing literacy and education on both local and global fronts.

Unlocking Access to Quality Education

Activities on this day encompass a spectrum of efforts aimed at enhancing access to quality education. These initiatives include distributing educational materials, advocating for policy reforms, and establishing community-driven education programs, especially in underserved regions.


International Literacy Day is a symbol of hope, illuminating the path towards a world where knowledge knows no boundaries. It reinforces the idea that literacy is the key to a brighter future for all.

Antrashtriy Saksharta Diwas Kab Manaya Jata Hain

Antrashtriy saksharta diwas har sal 8 september ko manaya jata hai. is diwas ko manane ka uddeshy duniya bhar men saksharta ke mahatv ko pesh karna aur anyaon ko saksharta pradan karne ke liye ek platform hai.

Antrashtriy Saksharta Divas Ke Uddeshya

Antarashtriya Saksharta Divas ke uddeshya (Objectives of International Literacy Day) hain:

  1. Saksharta ki Mahatva Ko Samajhana: Is din, logon ko saksharta ka mahatva samjhaya jata hai. Yeh bataya jata hai ki padhna-likhna ek mooladhara adhikar hai, jo vyakti ko gyan aur vikas ki or le jata hai.
  1. Saksharta ke Prati Jagrukata Badhana: Antarashtriya Saksharta Divas, saksharta ke prati jagrukata badhane ka ek avasar hai. Logon ko yah yaad dilaya jata hai ki saksharta sabhi ke liye mahatvapurn hai.
  1. Saksharta Ki Badhotri Ki Or Prerana: Is din, saksharta ke kshetr mein unnati ko badhane ke liye yojanaon ko badhava diya jata hai. Sarkar, shikshan sansthan, aur samudayik sangathan is din saksharta ke kshetr mein naye prayas aur yojanaen prastut karte hain.
  1. Berojgari Kam Karna: Saksharta berojgari ko kam karne mein madadgar hoti hai. International Literacy Day, yah uddeshya rakhta hai ki saksharta se rojgar ke avsar badh sakte hain.
  1. Jati-Bhed, Ling-Bhed, Aur Samajik Bhrashtachar Par Khatma: Saksharta ke madhyam se, jati-bhed, ling-bhed, aur samajik bhrashtachar par khatma karne ka samarthan kiya jata hai.
  1. Saksharta Ko Samajik Gatividhiyon Mein Shamil Karna: Is din, log saksharta ko samajik gatividhiyon mein shamil karne ke liye protsahit kiye jate hain, jaise ki pustak padhne ke abhiyan, shikshan kendra, aur saksharta shiviron ka aayojan kiya jata hai.

Antarashtriya Saksharta Divas ke uddeshya saksharta ko badhava dene aur samajhane ke liye hain aur is din ko manakar, logon ko saksharta ki mahatva ko yaad dilate hain aur iske prati jagruk banate hain.


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