Biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

This is a complete short Biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, one of the great social worker.

His contribution and what he did during those days was phenomenal.

So read this short essay and you will learn about Raja Ram Mohan Roy.


Short Biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Raja Rammohan Roy was the first modern man of India. He was a great educationist and social reformer. He was indeed the true product of Bengali Renaissance.

Rammohan was born in the remote village Radhanagar in Hooghly in 1774. After completing his primary education he went to Patna to learn Arabic and Pharsi and therefrom to Beneras to master Sanskrit.

He also mastered English while he was staying at Rangpur. Gradually Rammohan became intellectually mature.

He imbibed the essence of all religions. In 1827 he founded the Brahmo Samaj

. Now he wanted to reform the society.

He fought against the heinous ‘Sati‘ practice. He was the first man to introduce female education. He improved the standard of Bengali prose.

He was the first Indian to visit England. He was independent in thought and action all along. While in England he passed away in Bristol in 1833.

Rammohan inculcated the spirit of nationalism in the minds of the Indians which had a full flowering in the days to come.

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