Environment Protection Essay

An environment protection essay is a document on how to preserve the environment by reducing pollution and increasing awareness.

It is important to define when we’re the people aware of the pollution and when the society has started to take steps to dispose of the waste material.

Protecting the environment is our duty towards our future generation. To create awareness about protecting the environment, this essay is written by making use of various environmental protection topics and environmental protection


Short Environment Protection Essay 10 Lines

The environment is a very important part of our living.

Protecting the environment is a big step in making the world a better place to live in.

Human being has taken natural resources too much and this kind of exploitation has made the world more polluted than ever.

It is our duty to make our surroundings clean so that we can live with ease.

By protecting the environment, we shall be able to make our future generation better than today.

Trees are life-giving and a necessity for us to survive. They clean our air and water, provide us with much-needed oxygen, absorb harmful CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

It provides homes for birds and animals, creates shade, beautifies our neighborhoods – the list goes on!

So not only will planting trees help combat climate change – they are so important to all of us!

Plant more trees, reduce plastic usage, less use of factories, harmful chemicals, and gases. This can be the only possible way to protect your environment.

Every human being should be aware and educated on this topic because a positive action by every individual counts and makes a difference.

Environment Protection Essay

Environment Protection Essay 150 Words

The environment is to be sustainable and at the same time, its maintenance requires certain environmental protection steps and measures.

These measures are of paramount importance for us as humans. The degradation of the environment affects us very much in our day to day lives. We should not see it as just a natural phenomenon or as a part of the original cycle or even as nature’s way of teaching us the lesson.

The environment is the state of the world, which includes its natural resources such as air, water, soil and animals. It’s also the social conditions and human situations in a place. All of these elements need to be kept in good order to preserve the environment.

Trees are our best friends on this planet, there is absolutely no reason for us to cut them down. We depend on trees for energy consumption and pollution control. We should plant more trees and develop a better environmental track record.

Environment Protection Essay 250 Words

We have been destroying our environment at a very fast pace. Humankind has pulled down forests and destroyed natural resources for thousands of years. But the destruction and pillage went faster and faster in the last few centuries, with no end in sight. 


we should totally reduce plastic usage and start marketing planting more trees. Let’s think about it, trees give us oxygen, they also harvest carbon dioxide while reducing soil erosion and beautifying our surroundings. plastic on the other hand clogs our rivers, ends up in the ocean, where it’s harming ocean life

The requirement is a collective effort of many people if we wanted to be successful in environment protection and restoration. Some examples of people actions you could take towards environment preservation are using reusable bags, less use of plastic water bottles, and one-time eatable items like straws. We could also plant more trees at our own place and park.


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Trees clean our air, reduce water pollution, help to fight climate change, provide habitats for animals and birds. The list of benefits trees brings goes on. But without trees, many of these benefits would disappear.

It’s definitely a great idea to protect the environment and plants are one of the ways we can do that. Instead of disposing of plastic, we should be using paper materials instead. Trees will provide us oxygen while plastic pollutes our environment.

So these are the all effective ways to prevent our environment. We should definitely take steps towards protecting the environment.

Role of Science in Environmental Protection Essay

The role of science in environmental protection is so important because it is the understanding of pollution caused by mankind. These scientists ascertain the problems that we are facing and make recommendations on the same. They also come up with research-based solutions for these problems faced by us.

For years, the role of science in environmental protection has been huge. From its humble beginnings where trash was disposed of in landfills, to how waste management is carried out now, advances in scientific practices have improved how we provide protection to our environment.

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The first example relates to improving soil quality and productivity. In recent times, agricultural scientists have taken a new approach—the bio-intensive farming system that focuses on growing multiple crops with minimum use of chemicals.

Science plays an important role in environmental protection. It is vital to safeguard the equilibrium of the environment, which means protecting air, water, and soil.

In recent years, the importance of environmental protection has been highlighted not just by scientists, but by ordinary people who feel the impact of environmental pollution every day. As science and technology advance, we will be able to better understand how to safeguard the environment.

As a Student How to Protect the Environment Essay

How can I protect the environment as a student? This is a question that is often asked by students as they want to ensure they are making positive changes within the community.

But how can they do this? It’s simple really with these quick and easy ways you can make a difference without sacrificing your studies or missing out on other activities.

The environment is both an important and underestimated thing to look out for. It cannot be stressed enough how it can impact your life in ways you wouldn’t expect. The air around us, the water we drink, the land we walk on…these are all sources that can affect our lives.

So as a student we could be more aware regarding the environment and its protection. We could share the awareness with our nearest people. By planting more trees, using disposable items, and lots more things.

Environmental Protection Essay Conclusion

Protecting the environment is one of the main concerns of the modern world. It is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life, like eating, drinking, and sleeping.

It is necessary to remember that we need the environment because that surrounds us and that our actions have consequences. By the way, if you want to express your idea in a different way – this it’s also possible, as you can use our essay editing service.

To protect the environment is not only to collect old paper and plastic bottles, but it’s also to learn climate sciences and do everything possible to counteract factors that lead to global warming.

To be honest, it’s hard to live without damaging the environment… But we must try to reduce it as much as possible!

Final Words

We all know that we need to protect our environment and tackle environmental issues seriously. It’s not only about the survival of the whole world but also about our own existence and health.

I’m sure it’s not a great idea to live in a destroyed and polluted environment as it makes you feel terrible and kills your health.


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