Environmental Pollution Essay 150 Words

Environmental pollution essay in English 150 words for all the student’s most important topic. This post regarding environmental pollution essay is a very serious issue these days.

So, dear all students here in this post I am going to share thoughts regarding the environmental pollution essay in English within 150 words.

This will definitely help you in your query for an essay on environmental pollution. So, this post very carefully.


Environmental Pollution Essay 10 Lines

This Environmental Pollution Essay 10 lines is specially for class 1,2,3 & 4. Very easy and simple.

1. Environmental Pollution is a biggest issue in our todays world.


2. Basically Environment is our natural atmosphere and it is very important for our living.

3. We the human being are the main reason to pollute this environment.

4. There are several types of environmental pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution, and so on.

5. The reason behind water pollution is excessive use of factories and chemicals.

6. As we are using lots of motor vehicles so it is one of the main reason of sound pollution.

7. Factories produces lots of polluted gasses which are the reasons to make air pollution.


8. And factories unnecessary products like disposable plastics and harmful chemicals mixed with soil and the reason being soil become polluted.

9. When we are the main reason of this environmental pollution so only we could resolve these.

10. Tree plantation is one of the best solution to recover this Environmental Pollution it purifies the air, soil and nature become fresh.

Environmental Pollution Essay

Environmental Pollution Essay in English 150 Words

This Environmental Pollution Essay in English150 Words is specially for class 5,6,7& 8 students.

Environment is our surrounding we are living in. But what if we pollute this environment?

This is very shameful for us that what we are living for, we pollute this environment.

There are several reasons for this environment pollution. But if we want a healthy living then we must clean our environment.

There are several types of Environmental Pollution such as sound pollution, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, etc.

Human are main source of this environment pollution, because we made factories, chemicals, polluted gasses, disposable plastics, harmful fertilizers.

These are the all sources for Environmental Pollution. Now we must control over these sources for pollution.

We must less use these all things like disposable items, harmful fertilizers, less use of sounds like horns, mikes and all that.

Otherwise, it will be very difficult for us to live a healthy living. We must be thought about our future so we must clean our environment.

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Environmental Pollution Essay 250 Words

Pollution is one of the greatest threats to humankind. It is a cause of diseases, which in turn have become the cause of death for millions.


Today, environmental pollution is one of the greatest problems facing mankind. Virtually every corner of our planet is polluted.

Excessive air and water pollution continue to threaten both people and animals.

Many people have been seriously injured or killed by industrial pollutants and chemicals.

For example, Long-term exposure to air pollutants can lead to cancer, birth defects, and respiratory illnesses.

Air pollutants can also cause high blood pressure and weaken the immune systems.

Environmental pollution is the introduction of pollutants into the natural environment that cause adverse changes.

Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat, or light.

Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.

Each day we produce lots of waste. Some of it ends up in our rivers and oceans.

Environmental pollution is caused by man-made materials that are harmful to living things, for example radioactive, synthetic chemicals, and toxic metals.

Environmental pollution is increasing at a rapid rate. This should be a warning to us that our future is in danger.

If we continue along the same lines, it will become very bleak. Silently and unknowingly we are damaging the earth and all its inhabitants.


Pollution can be defeated by us with excessive tree plantation. It is the only solution. So it is our duty to save this world from pollution.

Environmental Pollution Essay

The main topic of this post is the Environmental pollution essay. Here we are talking about Environmental pollution in an easy essay form. This will help you to gather more knowledge about the problem of environmental pollution as well.

1. Introduction:

Basically environmental pollution is such a pollution for where we live in. So, generally it’s included to air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, and so on.

We are polluting our own environment and this is the biggest problem we are facing through. Definitely it causes lots of problems in our society.

So, we must keep our environment fresh and clean so that we can survive. Otherwise, it will not so far to destroy our lives.

Environmental pollution essay

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2. Types of Environmental pollution:

Environmental pollution is not based on only one particular thing rather it affects in various ways. Because the Environment is the whole thing where we live in.

So, there are various types of Environmental pollution involved, like:

  • Air Pollution.
  • Water Pollution.
  • Soil Pollution.
  • Sound Pollution.
  • Radioactive Pollution.
  • Thermal Pollution.

3. Causes of Environmental pollution:

Here are some main causes of Environmental pollution-

# Air Pollution :

Air Pollution is the biggest problem in high populated gathering cities because of Industries, vehicles, smoking, and a lot more other things.

# Water pollution :

Water pollution is another biggest problem, and we can not survive without water. Thus the big reason for water pollution is factories, the uses of chemicals and so on.

# Soil Pollution :

A huge number of people depend on soil, as they earn their bread from agriculture. But the problem is we, the people gradually destroying our soil throwing plastics and using high fertilizer.

# Sound Pollution :

Sound Pollution is mainly high affected on cities because of huge number of vehicles produces more sound. Also high volumes mikes, fireworks is another reason.

4. Effects of Environmental pollution:

Environmental pollution is a major problem in the world today. Many disastrous calamities are the direct outcome of pollution.

Now science confirms with concrete statistics that pollution begets many a foul disease. Firstly, the alarming pollution of air affects our respiratory organs.

Hypertension, high blood pressure, and other cardiac problems are aggravated by air and sound pollution. Deafness, nervous disorder, and other neurological disorders may be caused by acute sound pollution.

Polluted water causes several water-borne diseases. Dysentery, gastro-entities, cholera, etc. are caused by polluted water. Pure water can save us from many ailments.

Land pollution is equally harmful. The industrial wastes that vitiate the ponds, rivers, and seas ultimately do incalculable harm to human beings.

5. Preventive ways of Environmental pollution:

We should definitely prevent these Environmental pollution otherwise we will destroy our own environment. And It will become very difficult to survive in this world.

So to prevent pollution we must decrease the use of harmful objects like plastics, fertilizer, harmful chemicals, and so on.

Environmental pollution

We could even prevent our Environmental by preserving water and planting forests. Because trees are the source of water and air too.

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It is a proven fact that most of our diseases are in direct relation to pollution. When we polluted our environment so it is our duty to save the environment. Let us pause and ponder over the problem of pollution and work accordingly.


What is environmental pollution short note?

Environmental pollution short note is basically a short descriptive detail on environmental pollution.

How do you write an environmental essay?

You have to write about the types of environmental pollutions. It causes an effect. Also include preventive ways.

What is the essay of pollution?

The essay on pollution is about the environment, like air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and so on.


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