Essay Good Manners

Essay on good manners for students who are looking for a short essay. This is about 150 words best compatible for class 5-10.

So, basically it covers the topic of good manners. Everyone should have that.

And students life is the right time to build that manner. It is a daily habit that makes you a perfect gentleman.


Essay on Good Manners

Good manners are the signs of good breeding. They are based on courtesy and politeness. It makes one a perfect gentleman. Manners indicate culture and refinement.

Manners are of immense value in our daily life. In social interactions, we should be free and fair, just and impartial. We should be polite and unselfish in our dealings.

A man of good manners is delightfully accepted in every society. He creates a very good impression on others.

good manners essay

On the other hand, an ill-mannered person achieves bad name for himself and for his family.


Infact, good manners are very valuable possession that help to maintain a sound social relation with others.

A man of gentle manners never hurts the feelings of others. When a young man offers his seat to an old fellow-passenger, he teaches others the value of good manners.

A smile or a handshake, a ‘namaskar’ or a ‘thank you’ cost us nothing. Yet we are not courteous enough to show the minimum manners.

This is awfully bad. Like charity manners too begin at home. In fact, home plays a vital role in the cultivation of good manners.

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