Essay on Agriculture in India | 150 Words

Essay on Agriculture in India, know the basic of the agricultural aspect in our country India.


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Essay on Agriculture in India

India is basically a land of agriculture. The strength of it’s economy rests on the strength of it’s agriculture. With the help of science and modern technology, we are now in a position to boost up our agricultural production.

We have already achieved self-sufficiency in food. But we lag behind other developed countries in respect of industrial output.


In this era of globalization, the industry should be minded well Now the process of industrialization is gaining momentum.

Evidently, it is going to affect agricultural land. This raises a lot of controversies. Disputes and debates as to the acquisition of land are going on.

Now the industry must not impair the basic economic source. Again, industrial projects can’t be launched without land. Hence comes the question of land acquisition.

Anyway, we must have a balanced stand. Industrial belts should be far, far away from fertile agricultural zone.

Industry and agriculture are co-related in terms of development. Let them develop together for the betterment of the total economy.

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