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Essay on Computer 250 Words

Essay on computer 250 words for class 7-12. So if you are in class 7,8,9,10,11 or 12 this essay is for you.

This is a very short essay on computer in 250 words in English. Simple and easy to understand for students.

Learn the basic importance of computers. How it helps in our daily life and helps in our working life through this essay on computer 250 words.



  • Advantage of science-
  • Computer is the best module of science-
  • It’s working power-
  • Multitasking-
  • Reduce working hours-

Essay on Computer

We all know how science gives us multiple advantages. And the computer is one of them. The best product science has ever made.

Because everywhere the computer has become a mandatory part of any work. In today’s world without computers, we can’t work.


In every field computer makes our work more easy and reliable.

Therefore we must learn how to operate a computer. We must teach our children to operate computers as well.

The computer is the latest marvel of modern science and technology. The widespread application of this super electronic device indicates that we have ushered in an age of information explosion.

Transmission of information within the shortest possible time is the need of the hour. And herein lies the service of a computer set.


This electronic apparatus stores countless data, analyses them, works out correct calculation in no time.

It saves time, effort and energy. It reduces errors and costs and promotes all kinds of services.

It eliminates all omissions and commissions of paper works and expands business opportunities.

Hence a bank or an office, a college or a university, a library, or a hotel of these days cannot function properly without a computer.

However, the earlier apprehension of retrenchment of labor is now gone. The computer has come and conquered the outdated mindset.

It has opened up new and multiple avenues of jobs. Now the benefits


of computer science should come down to the grassroot level.


So, this is it for the essay on computer 250 words. we learnt how computer uses in our daily life and how it helps us constantly.

I hope you like this essay as well. If you have any query regarding this topic, feel free to contact us.

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