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Essay on Cricket Match

Although Cricket is not our national game but we the Indian has a madly craze on cricket.

Most of the Indian favorite game is undoubtedly cricket.

Basically it’s a game played by eleven players on each team. The game is maintained with the help of umpire.

One team has to fielding and the other team has to bating. Who has more score (runs) will win the match.


Earlier the game was held on 50 overs and innings match. But now most of the matches are about 20 overs, known as (T-20).

The game is quite interesting. Although it is an foreign game but Indian people madly love this game.

some most popular Indian cricketers are- Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and so on.


T-20 cricket is an interesting and exciting version of cricket. It is a modernised shape of cricket its mince form.

It is likely to eclipse the popularity of ODI. The increasing popularity of T-20 cricket proves that it is concordant with the spirit of the age.

In this age of haste and hurry even 50-over match seems time consuming and a bit boring.

Hence a new shape of the game. T-20 wonderfully meets the demand of the age.

 The very essence of T-20 lies in quick encounters, aggression and frequent upsets. The teams contesting the game must be fit to fight the opponents back.

Speed the soul of the game. Its briskness endears it to all. The highly technical and delicate art of the game of by-gone days is gone.

T-20 cricket claims all-rounders. It needs improvisations. The basic demand is tactfulness and killing spirit.

Now starts the process of democratization in cricket. Let us all welcome the new genre of cricket. Long live Twenty-20!


Every year cricket matches are organize and people become enjoy the game. It’ become an festival, cricket season during the time of T-20 matches, around the world.

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