Essay on Education System in India- 150, 200, 250, 300 Words

Essay on Education System in India, all we need to know Indian education system. In this article, we describe essays on India education system. If you read this complete post, you will get a clear understanding of our education system.

Here you will get four essays on this particular topic within 150, 200, 250, and 300 words. So that you could use these essays for your study.

There are lots of good and bad things we described here. What are the good parts what are the bad parts everything we elaborate through these essays! So do check out all these amazing Essays on Education System in India.


Essay on Education System in India 150 Words:

Let’s begin with this Essay on Education System in India which is written in about 150 Words. If you are looking for a short essay on this topic then you could read this.

The current education system in India is still not giving students the professional skills that they need to progress in their careers. This is because most of the schools focus on only teaching them how to read and write, but not teaching them how to think and solve problems.

The current system of education needs to be changed so that students can get the best possible education. The government should provide more funding for teachers and schools. So that they can have better facilities and resources like computers, laboratories, etc..

In order for this new system of education to take place, all parents need to get involved and support it by sending their children to school regularly. Instead of just letting them stay at home all day playing video games or watching TV. If all parents send their children to school regularly, then we will start seeing some great results from having a good education system in India!


Essay on Education System in India 200 Words

Now, here is the Essay on Education System in India 200 Words. This will give you a little more about our Indian education system.

The education system in India is quite an old one that still exists many genius build but it has to be changed for more quality education. In my opinion, the present education system needs to be changed because it doesn’t give a good value to the future lives of students and teachers.

The system is so complex and complicated that a student may not understand it easily. So, I think that the Indian government should make some changes in its educational system because there are lots of problems like lack of quality education and low standard schools for higher education.

Another problem is about teachers, in most of the government school, you will find a lot of teachers who joined illegally. What will they teach to their students, when these teachers don’t know well? So I think this is one of the major issues in our education system.

At first, we have to appoint quality teachers then the education system needs to be changed. Without changing these fake teachers our education system will not go to change.


Essay on Indian Education System in 250 Words

Many students are also looking for Essay on Indian Education System in 250 Words, so this essay for them. Read this you will love it and will change your vision of our education system.

Education has been made a fundamental right by the constitution of India. This means that every child has an equal right to education. This system works well because it allows students to choose their own courses of study and teachers are free to teach whatever they want to teach.


 Nowadays, the education system in India is quite an old one but there are still many things that change every year. Because of the new technology and new technology makes us think more about our careers and also makes us more aware of what we want to do in the future.

The Indian education system teaches us only the syllabus. Which is very poor to communicate with this modern world. Although private schools somewhat provide a good quality of education. And this is the reason many people shifting their children to private schools.

India’s education system is in dire need of improvement. From an early age, one is taught to memorize through rote learning. This type of education can create brilliant minds but fails to expose them to new ideas, technologies, or viewpoints.

And also one of the major problem in the Indian education system is it only teaches us how to get a job. But this education system never taught us how to make money. When, after all, we all have to earn money to survive in this world.

So this is one of the most important thing our education system should teach us.

Education System in India Essay 300 Words

If you are looking for a long Education System in India Essay 300 Words then this essay might help you. Because this is what we exactly write here.

India is a country with a huge population and it is also known for its high literacy rate. But the education system in India is quite poor. It teaches us how to get a job but it never teaches us how to make money. Our education system needs to be improved. Needs to change illegal teachers for quality education. Specially government schools are very poor in terms of education.

In India, we have many unqualified teachers who are not trained properly, they teach kids without any knowledge or experience. As there are a lot of teachers who joined illegally. So, it is obvious to get poor education from those teachers.

The poor people don’t have enough money to send their children to private schools or colleges. People who have money can easily afford these schools and colleges.

People are able to get a job because they have a good education and will be able to do good jobs. They will have more opportunities in life because they know how to make money. They can buy houses, cars or anything they want with the money they earn from their jobs.

People who don’t have any money go to government schools which are not very good at all! They only teach us how to get a job but never teach us how to make money! We should change this system! Because ultimately we should earn our bread with this education.

Although education is not only for earning your bread and shelter, it is also for living a good life in terms of your character, behaviors and so on.

The Indian education system teaches gives half-knowledge but they never teach us the real education of life. And that is why it needs to be changed.

Although nowadays most people prefer private schools as they believe it gives better education than any government school. So it is pretty much sure that our education system is very poor. And it needs to be improved if you want to change these people’s thoughts.


Education plays a vital role in the development of individuals and a nation. It also plays an important role in transforming societies that have been plagued by poverty and disease into prosperous, developed countries.

When an individual becomes literate and is able to comprehend information presented in his/her native language, he/she will be able to acquire education easily.

If children are trained at a young age they will become more responsible citizens in the future. Our education system should focus on revolutionizing the entire system. So that we bring it up to speed with modern society and technology.

The Indian education system is improving slowly but not at a satisfactory pace. The government has to take some solid steps towards this direction.

If India wants to be a strong nation, then it must change its education system. Education in India is very poor. Good schools are very much in demand and they have fixed fees which are too high. What to do?? Start a good school don’t make people rob.

So, we hope you like this Essay on Education System in India! Although we try to describe everything in detail regarding this system, if you have any queries related to this topic then feel free to share your thoughts with us. We will happy to hear you..Thank you!

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