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Essay on Electronic Media

Essay on Electronic Media is the subject matter of this post. Which is really an important topic to describe.

If you are looking for how to write an essay about electronic media then this post will help you a lot.

Here you will get short and long descriptive essay as well within 150, 250, 500 words.

Essay on Electronic Media 150 Words

Here is a short Essay on Electronic Media within 150 words for lower class students.


The age of electronic media has had and will continue to have a major impact on our society. The pros and cons of the use of various forms of electronic media are difficult to accurately evaluate because they are constantly changing. However, there are some obvious advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of media.

Electronic media is a widespread, fast-growing medium, which includes all types of communication, such as TV, radio, internet, and photography. Electronic media offers both advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages are that it is widely available, it provides information at lightning speed, it can be listened to/viewed at all times and you can store all the information on devices such as your personal computers.

Disadvantages of electronic media include that it has a str ong negative influence on children because some programs contain violence or sexual scenes.


It creates a less concentration and less patience mental state in children’s mind. Also it engages them with lots of unusual activities. So we must be aware of these things.

Essay on Electronic Media 250 Words

This Essay on Electronic Media is written in 250 words for class 8,9,10.

The introduction of electronic media into the media industry has changed the old conventional ways and means of information distribution within a country or across geographical boundaries. For instance, there are three main types of electronic media communication methods: cable television, direct broadcasting and satellite relay.

Electronic Media has changed the way people connect with other people and information. It has had an impact in almost every aspect of our lives. This choice will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using Electronic Media.

The two most popular forms of media today are television and the Internet. Both do excellent jobs in keeping modern society informed and connected to one another. Although these two forms of media have many benefits, they also have many disadvantages as well.

In today’s world, the use of radio, television newspaper, and magazines are all gradually declining due to the introduction of new technology. The internet provides an array of information in many subject areas. It has news, research tools, weather forecasts, general information, and so on.

Electronic media has also broadened communication opportunities. It is a large network of people exchanging information in quick time. The flow of information has changed at a fast rate. From print media to electronic one will be easier. There are plenty of advantages to using electronic media.


Electronic Media…there are certain advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of when using these technologies. They can be fun, useful, entertaining, and educational. At the same time, you need to consider the risks involved with such uses; these include exposure to improper content that is not suitable for young children, about whom most material is aimed.

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Essay on Electronic Media

Read this long descriptive Essay here we have written an essay about electronic media for higher class students.

Electronic media cover the various technologies powered by electricity that modern and contemporary artists use in their work. These technologies include digital video and audio recordings, slide presentations, CD-ROMs, online content media, television, radio, telephones, and computers.

Electronic media include media that use digital or electronic encryption of information. By its definition, electronic media is all media shared with an audience on an electronic device, whether viewed on static media (print or electronic media) or broadcast to a wider community. It includes television, radio, internet, faxes, CDs, DVDs, and online video streaming.


Examples of Electronic Media

Examples of electronic media are things like television, radio, and the wide Internet. There is a wide range of electronic media that are broadcast for a variety of different things, from advertising to promotions. The primary electronic media sources known to the general public are video recordings, audio recordings, multimedia presentations, slideshows, CD-ROMs, and online content.


Purpose of using electronic media There are many reasons, and one of them is that you can use electronic media to market yourself, a company, or a product. Electronic media are a way for your company to be heard, not just heard, but seen.

Web producers have become experts in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Television and radio stations use social media to provide news and radio updates to their followers. This is particularly useful for them because social media offers a free way to advertise during their working day.


Over time, technology has advanced and created new forms of ideas and communication. Electronic media play an important role in highlighting societal problems through entertainment, drama and news. It influences people to develop and change attitudes towards different situations.

Electronic media or media are the use of electromechanical devices to access the content. Media can also be described as various means of communication or means of communication that are used to interact and communicate with people.


It is not a disadvantage that electronic media play a decisive role in communication. There are many forms of electronic media, including television, radio, videotape, the internet and computers. Our lives have become simpler and more comfortable by entering into communication with the help of electronic media.

Millions of messages are sent and received every day providing information and entertainment via radio, television, cable, satellite and streaming.

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Electronic media are such a huge part of our daily lives. With the way technology has changed, many people have chosen to spend their time using electronics in their spare time as well. However, there are many negative effects that come with the use of electronic media.

Electronic media like television, the internet and video games have taken a toll on today’s children. An absence of social skills as well as an inability to control impulses or manage emotions are just two of the harmful effects that electronic media can have on children.

Electronic media are generally too distracting and have a negative impact on students’ performance. They impede people and make them lose focus. This subsequently is a challenge to their concentration span. People watch YouTube, listen to music and check Facebook during lectures. Their creative capacity is constantly occupied by trivial subjects, hence they don’t have time to take in the information being relayed to them by the instructor. They even skip classes because they can’t miss those bits of information that are supposedly useless.


Today, we are enjoying the advantage of the present advanced technology in electronic media such as tv, radio and computers. A lot of materials has been furnished by these media institutions.

Electronic media, mainly through the advances in computer technology in recent years, have made a wide range of interactive communication possible. The ability to talk face to face with someone on the other side of the world and to see another person dancing or singing or playing a musical instrument in real time is no longer just a possibility but a reality.

Although we must be aware of it’s disadvantages as well.


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