Essay on Elephant

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Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. They have many different features and are very interesting which makes them such a fun animal to write about.

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Essay on Elephant in English 100 Words

Here is a short Essay on Elephant in english within 100 words for class 4,5,6 students.

Elephants are the largest land animal known, capable of carrying heavy things and treating themselves. A mature male elephant can re ach up to 9500 pounds while the female can weigh around 6000 pounds. An emaciated elephant is often unable to support its own body weight.


Elephants eat different types of food such as roots, grass, bamboo, bark, leaves, fruits, and tree bark. Elephants are very careful in choosing their foods and this helps them to get the nutrition they need to support their entire weight even in the absence of water for several days.

Of course, these heavy animals are also known for being intelligent probably the most intelligent of all land animals.

Essay on Elephant
Essay on Elephant

Essay on Elephant 150 Words

This is about elephant in english within 150 words for the students of class 7,8,9.

The elephant is one of the largest land mammals on the planet. With a height of 9 meters and a weight approaching 7 tons, it is certainly among the biggest animals on our planet. Looking closely into this mammal you will notice that there is greater variation within this species than any other animal family.

Elephants, as we all know are large mammals, found in Africa, Asia, and some parts of Europe. They are characterized by a long snout, trunk, and tusks which are modified incisor teeth.

Female elephants have two to four though rarely six teats while the male elephant is without tusks and pronounced glands called temporal glands just behind the eyes.


You may be surprised to know that India is home to around 17.3 million elephants, which makes us the country with the largest population of Asian Elephants in the world.

Elephants were considered to have high intelligence and noble character, qualities that likely to associated with Buddhism.

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Essay on Elephant 250 Words

Here is another short essay on elephant for the students of class 10,11,12. Written within 250 words.

Elephant is the animal known as King of Jungle. In India, elephant is the state animal as well as the symbol of the Indian Republican Party.

The elephant is a funny animal. He has a sagacious look on his face, which doesn’t change its expression even if his master treats him cruelly. Elephants are highly respected by the natives as a god’s favorite creature.

The elephant has great strength; he can carry one hundred times his weight. The most highly developed sense of elephants is the sense of smell – they can smell each other from miles apart, even in the deepest thickets.

The elephant is the largest terrestrial animal, with adult males weighing between 4 and 7 tonnes. One- or two-year-old males are known as bull elephants, old males as tuskers and females as cows.

Elephants have a vestigial tail, about 15 centimeters long. The trunk, which ends in a cuplike structure called the tip of the trunk (or end of the nose), serves as a fifth limb. Two large lips on the sides of the mouth serve to grasp food.

Indian elephants are very gentle giants, easily tamed, and intelligent as well. The elephant is a symbol of strength and power, majestic and imposing. Elephants are used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and many others religions, associated with the Buddha. Indian People also use elephants as work animals for farming and other activities.


Elephants can follow the master’s word so it is a better way to train any elephant. Elephants are like a human’s child who needs care and instruction for nearly entire life. We should love them and respect them.

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Essay on Elephant 500 Words

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Sample essay on elephants for school and college students. Get help with writing an essay on elephants using our tips, research papers, examples, and outlines.


Elephants are extremely big and massive animals that can be very dangerous if angered. Lions as well as leopards consider them to be their natural prey due to their enormous size.

Although they have the ability to get aggressive, they mostly behave in a very calm manner. When it comes to the hunting process elephants use both of their ears and tusks for their accomplishment. They mainly live around the southern and eastern parts of African countries including Kenya and Tanzania.

Everybody loves elephants and Elephants are from the animal kingdom. Elephants have different talents. They have really big ears to “hide” in, and enormous molar teeth to “crush” food with. They even have a trunk that can be used as a snorkel while swimming. But the elephant is not only famous for its strength, size, ears, tusks, or trunk.

Largest Animal:

The elephant is the largest living terrestrial animal. With some individuals exceeding 10 000 kg in weight, it is also the heaviest land animal. No species of terrestrial mammal can equal its height when standing on four legs. The average height of an Asian elephant, at the shoulder, is about 3 m (10 ft) and 5 m (16 ft) when measured to the top of the head.

Extraordinary Creature:

These large land animals can attain a height of up to 4 meters and weigh as much as 7 tons. Their trunk is a muscular protrusion around 10 inches long which has various uses including that of breathing, trumpet calls, and moving objects.

Elephants are truly extraordinary creatures. Often thought wise because of how they react to danger, their trunks, and their tails, elephants are arguably the most unique animal on this planet. Truly, an elephant is a spectacular wonder of our world.

Elephant as the Part of Celebration:

Indians are great fans of the Elephant. It is the one animal, which occupies a very important and high place in the Indian mind. In Western India, we have two festivals related to Elephants.

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One is called Gajamastmi, which is observed in Sewalakshetra situated in the tribal area of Sonebhadra (15 Kms north of Jhansi) in Uttar Pradesh and the other is called Dussehra, which is celebrated all over India, on the tenth day in Ashwiyanti month i.e., September-October according to the solar calendar. This festival is mainly celebrated to commemorate the victory of Rama over Ravana.

Elephant Conservation:

With the immense increase in populations of elephants, this animal has now become one of the major causes of concern for conservationists, as they are increasingly forced to look for new areas to settle. The recent surge in human habitation has led to the elephant movement into regions that were earlier not a habitat of these huge animals.

Elephants are amongst the world’s most fascinating animals. In fact, they are so fascinating that if I see even a photograph of one, I’ll want to know everything about it. So here is a bunch of information on elephants, or Elephas maximus.

We need to conserve them and give importance to their living in this animal kingdom. Elephant conservation is a major undertaking and cannot be taken lightly. For such a big problem, it should not be approached with little concern.


Elephants are massive creatures and they have many interesting physical characteristics that make them remarkable creatures. The term biggest land animals points to big animals that do not live in the sea and their size is usually in meters, so it will always be easier to list them by their height or length rather than by weight.


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