Essay on Flood for Class 4-10

Essay on flood is the main topic of this post. Specially for school going students.

So, read this flood essay written about 100 words. Learn more about the natural impact.


is completely control by nature. Due to heavy rain and over water it is occur.


Essay on Flood 10 Lines

This short essay on flood 10 lines for class 3,4,5. Very short and easy to understand.

1. Flood is one of the highly devastating calamities.

2. It is a regular phenomenon in India and also other countries.

3. Every year thousands of lives are lost in flood. Lakhs of people are rendered homeless.

4. Floods are generally the result of continuous and heavy rainfall.

5. Sometimes layers of snow on the mountain melt causing flood.

6. Sometimes it’s may be the reason of cracking of dam’s wall.

7. It causes a great loss of human life and property.

8. Crops are damaged, trees are uprooted, houses are washed away, cattle are drowned.

9. Every year several charitable trust helped the victims and their family.


10. We have no control over the flood but we can only minimize human suffering and their losses.

Essay on Flood
Essay on Flood

Essay on Food in 100 Words

Specially made for kids, like who are in class 5 & 6. Written about 100 words in simple language.

Food is nothing but a natural disorder. It happens due to over water on the dry land.

A lot of people lost their houses and everything they have. Many people lost their relatives and neighbours.

When it comes somewhere it effects every living creatures. But mostly effected grounded creatures.

Even it can effects whole environment of the particular area. Like human being, animals, insects, trees and so on.

In most cases when monsoon come it occurres. Due to heavy rain rivers and other resources of water over flow. And water come out to the dry landed areas.


Therefore flow of the water destroy everything. Even many people and animals lost their lives due to heavy flood.

Tree plantation is a better solution. As it is construct soil from the land strongly.

And the other ways are creating heavy drains, water consumption, so that water could passes through and stored.

Short Essay on Flood 200 Words:

This 200 words flood essay is specially for class 7,8,9 & 10. It’s a very short essay.

Nature is not always benevolent. She is sometimes red in tooth and claw. Then she wrecks the home of mankind. We call her whims natural calamities. Flood is one such calamity.

It is caused by excessive rain-water or huge tidal waves. Rivers carry excess water and overflood the banks. The excess water finds outlet through the embankments.

The banks give in. Water enters the land; crops come under it; villages, towns and cities are washed away. People are rendered homeless. Flood causes damage to life and property. The economy of a land is jolted at the time of a devastating flood.


But there is another side of the coin. Flood brings alluvial soil. This makes the land fertile. Anyway, measures are to be taken to prevent the flood.

The number of reservoirs should be increased. More canals should be dug and run and the roadside drains should not be used for housing.

Let us hope that the Govt. will adopt well-measured moves for the

permanent solution of the long-standing problem of flood.

Essay on Flood 250 Words

A flood is a natural calamity we the human being don’t have any control over it.

Basically, floods occur for the reasons of water overflow. Due to heavy rainwater become overflow from the ground level and therefore flood occurs.

This is one reason behind flood and another reason is the falling of dams, where water preserves with the help of boundaries.

For anyhow when it breaks, a heavy amount of water flowing to the nearest area and it turns to a flood.

When naturally flood comes we really have not anything to do. Except praying and rescuing the affected people.

Heavy water flows through the land where many houses drown. And therefore grounded living creatures are heavily affected due to the heavy water.

In the rainy season sometimes continuously raining for several days and therefore water becomes start overflowing.

All grounded creatures like humans, animals, insects are all drowned. People lost their houses, trees, car factories, buildings are heavily damaged due to heavy rain flow.

Immediately after the flood rescue teams started to rescue people help each other to survive.

There is no way to protect against this natural disorder. But yes we could take some initial steps during floods like step up to the highest area or anything above the level from the water surface.

Floods Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips for floods. What should you do during flood and how to get rescued from that, learn from here:

Essay on Flood

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