Essay on Friendship in English

Essay on Friendship in English is the main topic of this essay. Friendship is really an important part of our life.

We all makes friends so that we can share our every thoughts to someone.


So, through this Essay on Friendship in English, you will learn about friendship and it’s importance in our life.

Essay on Friendship 10 Lines

In this essay on friendship we describe it in just 10 lines for class 3,4,5.

1. Friendships are our closest links; they can also be most difficult at times.


2. Friendship is the foundation of humanity and is stronger than we think possible.

3. It is a gift from God that is precious.

4. A pure, true, and sincere friendship brings happiness to us which no one can take away from us.


5. Friendship is a combination of affection and intimacy.

6. It develops from an instinctive bond established between people who spend time together, sharing their thoughts and participating in each other’s lives.

7. Friendship may be the oldest of all ties between human beings.


8. Aristotle believed that true friendship is possible only between virtuous people.

9. Friendship is all about trust each other and know better each other.

10. It is all about to support one another in difficult times, that’s want a real friendship is.

Essay on Friendship


  • Introduction-
  • social need-
  • Individual need-
  • Friendship, a sheltering tree-
  • Fake friends-
  • Basis of true friendship-

Essay on Friendship in English 150 Words

This short essay is written about 150 words specially for class 6,7,8.

Man longs for company. From this urge of living together come human society. Yet man is not fully satisfied.

He wants to be closer and closer with some before whom he can unlock his heart. As such he is eager to make friends.

Moreover, life is not all Joy for him. He is to face many a setback in life. Disaster and despair darken his mind.

Now, comes the fair role of his friends. His friends encourage him and give him a moral booster. They stand by him in weal and woe.


A true friend is our adviser and well-wisher. Friendship is a sheltering tree’ for us. Still ‘most friendship is feigning. Fake friends mislead us.

We have to recognize fair-weather friends and to shun them. However, true friendship depends upon trust and understanding, sympathy, and love.

It is one of the sweetest fruits of the tree of life. It multiplies joy and divides grief. Only the wise selection of friends is essential. Hence it is aptly said that ‘chance makes our parents but choice makes our friends.’

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Essay on Friendship in English 250 Words

Now this friendship essay is about 250 words for the students of class 9,10.

Friendship is the most beautiful thing in the world. It helps people to face all the possible problems and make their lives happy.

Friendship is a very strong relation in which you can share your joys, sorrows, secrets, and everything with your friends.

Friendship is that golden chain that links together and brings the interests of our lives.

It is greatly important to develop communication and friendship among the people.

Friendship is a relationship between two people world without any interesting reason in common.

Friends help each other in difficult situations, when a person wants to share his feeling with his friend he can do it freely even if others will laugh at him.

A Good friend is too rare to be forgotten. Friendship is a pure love and it is not based on any financial aspects.

The relationship between a friend can never be of sexual nature. Friendship is most important in the lives of human beings, as only good friends can help them in every situation, both in bright and troublesome times.

Friendship is the most precious of all relationships. Its flowers and fruits are sweet to the taste like the rose and melon.

A bond that’s indissoluble, a relationship that is boundless, this association is a mix of feelings and thoughts that reinforces itself every day more and more.


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