Essay on Generation Gap

There are numerous reports on generation gap. Everyone talks about these issues and they’ve become one of the main topics of discussion in recent years. However, there is still a lot to be said about them. In this essay on generation gap, I will try to shed some light on these issues from my own perspective and it’s going to be fun!

Generation gap has become a significant problem in the society by changing the tempo of life. It has caused many misunderstandings and wrong decisions. Certain perspective changes will solve it, but we are unable to cope with diverse values of people.

Generation gap is the difference between people of different age groups. The difference in generation gap is the difference in thinking, ideas, behavior and sensibilities. Someone who is aware of this gap always tries to find a way to bring harmony between the two generations.

Essay on Generation Gap in 100 Words

Generation gap is one of the terms that gain popularity with time. Here is an essay on generation gap in 100 words.

Generation gap is a normal part of the development of any society. It is caused by the change of generations who, being raised differently and with different outlooks on life, are going to have a different approach to many things that older people take for granted.

While you should try to fill in the gaps and learn about some of the things young people are interested in, it is wiser to avoid fighting a losing battle and just accept the generation gap as a normal and healthy part of life.


The generation gap is the difference in values, beliefs and lifestyles between two generations. It’s often a source of misunderstanding. The young accuses the old of being ignorant, while the old think that their grandchildren are different and don’t have any respect for their elders.

Essay on Generation Gap in 150 Words

Generation gap is defined as the differences between people of different generations. This can be referred to the personality and attitude gaps between two generations. The term “generation gap” came into being during the 1960s to refer to the difference between adolescents (of the Baby Boomer generation) and their parents, who were a part of the World War II generation and were brought up by a different approach towards life.


The generation gap refers to the differences that exist among people of different generations regarding their beliefs and world views. It is an issue that affects every country by this day. The viewpoint of older people vis-a-vis the outlook of younger generations is always interesting because with each passing day, there is a drastic difference in the way they conduct themselves.

Generation gap is a term commonly used these days. Not only to describe the difference between the youngsters and elders, but various other types of gaps as well.

Essay on Generation Gap in 200 Words

One of the most discussed topics in family life is the generation gap between teenagers and their parents or grandparents. This essay discusses this topic and explains how both generations are affected by it.

The generation gap is the difference between generations characterized by differences in values, opinions, and lifestyles.

Generation gap is an age gap between parents and children or between two generations. Generational differences can cause communication problems in the workplace.


The ‘Generation Gap’ refers to the different points of view on the same issue or problem between people from different groups in the society. It refers to the socio-cultural differences in attitudes between people within a society who belong to two different age groups.

The term applies to a variety of social and cultural differences. There are large gaps, such as those between youth and elderly, and small gaps between different groups within a generation.

Generational gap is something that will always be with us as human beings. It comes in as no surprise that our parents, grandparents and even distant relatives didn’t grow up using technological gadgets such as mobile phones, computers and laptops etc.

There are numerous advantages of using these time saving devices while there is also the disadvantage of not being fully aware of the negative impact they have on the community both physically and mentally.

Generation Gap refers to adjustments in behavior, language, thought and political views of young or old individuals while they are at difference stages of the life cycle. There is a considerable gap between the generations which are each grouped together during certain stages in their life span. The coming of age generations and old will handle changes differently based on the period when they experienced changes in their lives.

Generation Gap Essay in 300 Words

Generation gap is the difference in values and beliefs between different groups of people from different generations. Here is a descriptive essay on generation gap in 300 words.

The generation gap is one of the greatest challenges we face in society today. The massive difference between generations regarding values, beliefs and economic status poses an imminent threat to social cohesion, political stability and economic prosperity.

We are constantly working to bridge the gap between the older generation, who design our laws, make decisions and manage businesses, and the younger generation, who want a more tolerant, open-minded and sustainable world.

There was never a better time to understand the generation gap than now. The generation gap is described as an inter-generational conflict that separates parents and children due to difference in opinions, interests, cultural beliefs, religious affiliations and history. Such conflicts arose from time to time in all societies including the western societies.

We have all heard about “the generation gap”. Its meaning has been variously conceived and it has become a part of our everyday language. But before we define it, let us see the different ways in which it is understood.

In the context of social interaction, social conflict and psychological development, generation gap provides an ordinary man’s approach to a problem of direct relevance in practice. In this sense, it is a new understanding arrived at from earlier positions. It involves a change in values, commitments, beliefs and basic assumptions.

In the present time, there are a lot of problems adopted by growing up children. There are many factors for this kind of problem, so that this one seems to be a global issue. The main reason is the time gap between generation which means different opinions and thoughts of people at different ages.

We live in the era of technological revolution where there are rapid advancements in various fields. However, these advancements have been accompanied by a generation gap where each age group competes for superiority over others. It is an increasing phenomenon where younger generations envy the lifestyle of older generations and may feel mocked or disrespected by them.


In this essay on generation gap we survey the four generations currently in the workplace to identify areas where gaps might be most evident. Next, we describe characteristics for each generation that may act as bridges between them. Finally, we point out variables that might influence a particular generation’s behavior in the future.

The generation gap is the two generations that are not similar to each other; the older and younger generation. This essay focuses on the generation gap between the older and younger generation, which is usually related to generation conflict, generation identity and cultural differences.


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