Essay on Global Warming

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Essay on Global Warming 10 Lines

This short essay is written in 10 lines specially for class 3, 4, 5 students.

1. Global warming is what we have known as the continuous growth of the temperature of this world.


2. It is very dangerous for all earthly livings.

3. We the human beings are the main source of the reason behind this Global Warming.

4. It is mainly caused due to high increase of effective gases in the air, like Carbon Dioxide, Methane, etc.

5. Factories, cars, and other resources produce lots of affective gasses like this.

6. And the effect is glacier level is melting faster and the ocean level is rising.

7. Therefore it occurs irregular monsoon, sudden floods, earthquakes, landslides, tsunami, and other natural calamities.


8. This rapid growth of global warming can cause a great effect on all living creatures.

9. When we are the reason for this global warming then also we can be the decrease.

10. One of the best and effective ways to decrease this global warming is excessive tree plantation.

essay on global warming
Global Warming Essay

Essay on Global Warming 100 Words

Global warming is the rise in the overall temperature of earthly atmosphere it is harmful to human beings, living organic natural resources and earth.

There are various causes of global warming that include natural and manmade. Natural reasons include the release of greenhouse gases(Carbon dioxide, Methane, Sulphurous Oxide) and volcanic eruptions. Industrial and automobile waste may release harmful greenhouse gases.

Manmade causes include deforestation, cattle rearing etc.


The solution for global warming are planting more trees, limiting the use of automobiles, banning plastics and follow reduce, reuse and recycle techniques.

Every human being is responsible for protecting the environment from harmful global warming and makes our earth more better.

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essay on global warming

Essay on Global Warming in 200 words


  • 1.What global warming is
  • 2.Causes of global warming
  • 3.Effects on atmosphere
  • 4.Remedies-

Global warming means the gradual warming of the earth’s surface owing to greenhouse effect. It causes a serious threat to environmental sustainability.

The immediate cause of global warming is the thinning of the ozone layer over the atmosphere that limits greenhouse emissions and keeps the earth cool and congenial.

The large-scale pollution is at the root of this problem. Now, global warming adversely affects our environment. And it increases the atmosphere temperature.


And the effect is breaking the ice layer and atmosphere unexpected changes.

We have already started receiving danger signals. The glaciers in the Himalayas are melting at a faster pace.

Since 1993, the world’s oceans have risen at the rate of 3.2 c.m. per decade. And obviously that’s not a good sigh at all.

Topographical changes, irregular monsoon, sudden floods, drought, earthquake, landslides, tsunami, and other natural calamities are the net outcome of global warming.

Added to it, the extinction of many species of animals and plants is seriously hampering our biodiversity.

Tree plantation is the best way to control that. United we must plant trees as much as possible to get rid of this Global Warming.

Global Warming Essay in English

Here is a short Global Warming Essay in English for the readers. You could also use this.

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that maintains the Earth’s temperature at comfortable levels.

In fact, without this effect, the average temperature of our planet would be below 0°C and it would be unsuitable for life.

Climate change is the moment when you look up from your desk and notice that your window is open.

Global warming is happening. Global warming means that the average temperature at the earth’s surface is increasing.

To be more specific, it means the increase in global average surface temperature since pre-industrial times, which is 0.75 to 0.8°C (1.4 to 1.5°F).

Its effects are already being felt, and will only get worse in the future. A major reason global warming is happening is because so many people use so much energy, burning fossil fuels, which emit gas to the atmosphere.

We need to act sooner rather than later if we want to avoid catastrophic consequences.

The only rational response to the science showing that there is danger ahead is to take appropriate action now.

Greenhouse gases received from factories, cars and stores pave the way for global warming which in turn causes the oceans to give off more heat, which leads to a rise in air temperature.


1. What is global warming?

Global warming means the increase of average temperature at the earth’s surface.

2. What are the reasons of global warming?

There are several reasons but most effectives are factories and cars, which produce more greenhouse gases.

3. What are it’s effects?

Global warming can occur irregular monsoon, earthquakes, sudden floods, tsunami, landslides, and other natural calamities.

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