Essay on Indian Women in Sports

Indian Women in Sports is really an interesting topic for every Indian. Why should Indian women left behind from men?

We live far from the old traditional era where women are always left behind men. Now we understand their value and importance.

So in this post we discus about essay on Indian Women in Sports. Read this and learn Indian women power.



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Short Essay on Indian Women in Sports

Games and sports are no longer the monopoly of men. The myth of romantic manhood associated with games has been hanks to P.T. Usha, the flying woman of India.

It was she who made our country believe in the infinite potentials of sports calibre in our womenfolk. From the Asiad to the Olympics our women have achieved spectacular success in different kinds of games.

Who today does not know the name of Merry Kom or P. V. Sindhu? Who is not familiar with Sania Mirza or Jhulan Goswami or Saina Newhal? They have already made history. They are women.


They have proved quite convincingly that women are not born only to cook and clap for men crowned with victory in the fields.

The women sportsmen have shown their skill and stamina, dedication and determination in tennis or cricket,
badminton or boxing, weight lifting, or archery.

All this proves that Indian women are rising and if our traditional mindset regarding women empowerment changes, we are sure to win fresh laurels.

The fabulous rise of women’s sports personality is a sure sign of their empowerment.

Our women are not lacking in skill and power. They need grooming and whole-hearted support and assistance from the nation.

It is to be believed first that women can do as good as men in every field of activities, be it science or Literature, administration or sports. Let our women earn glory for themselves, for us, and for the nation.

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