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  • Internet craze-
  • An indoor game-
  • some funny & dangerous games-
  • Teenagers become the victims-
  • Psychological impact-

Short Essay on Internet Games

Internet searching has become the latest craze among teenagers and the youth. Communication through social media is the go of the day. For the reason and no reason, we are slaves to the internet.

Field games are going far and further. Mobile games take their place.

No doubt, there are some funny, exciting, and purely comical mobile games. But there are some killer games too. Games like Blue whale, Illuminati, Momo are foul and dangerous.

The game-setters entice and trap the young men and children and motivate them to take part in these games.

Their loneliness, isolation, and personal sufferings are encashed by the criminals.

First, those willing to participate in the games are identified. Once the target spotting is complete, the process of allurement starts.


The persons of emotive nature fall victims to the game-setters. If the trapped refuse to play the games the threat message is conveyed.

Often the tender minds succumb to the pressure. A suicidal tendency is developed in their

The criminals to the net world reap harvest out of human lives. The remedy is not easy. It is a big task to get an answer to this problem.

Our precious children and youth should be made aware of the evils of fatal games. Parents should be much more feeling, considerate and alert.

No child should be allowed to feel unwanted or neglected. The Govt. should take viable measures for identifying and isolating the dragons of the net-world.

The media must have to build a mass-awareness against this nuisance. A concerted campaign is badly needed to fight the evil.

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