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Essay on Issues Related to Youth

Essay on issues related to youth going to be a very interesting part of every youth.

Here we are talking about the most interesting part of everyone’s life. And that is youth


When we are in youth we have to face a lot of issues. Mostly depending on situations.

Points :

  • Generation gap-
  • Social issues-
  • Cyber issues-
  • Money issues-
  • Job issues-

Essay on Issues Related to Youth 300 Words

When we are talking about youths, they have to face a lot of issues during this period of life.

 Because at the time of youth blood becomes more hot. And they believe, they suppose to do anything and everything.


And this is the reason they have to face a lot of issues during this time. They do what they feel good.

Therefore first issue come out is generation gap. Youth and older generation they face miscommunication.

Especially with the parents, they could not build understanding. Youth always wanted to do what they will and feel good. But parents always think before doing anything.

Parents always try to protect their children to facing any problem. And thus parents always become the obstacle of youth.


But the thing is our parents always think good for us. They always try to want to make our life better.

And thus they always think about our friends, to whom we are meeting, to where we are going, what we are eating? What we are wearing? Everything.

In India youth have to face another issue is regarding girlfriend. In most areas people are still see this fact as unusual. They don’t think this is good for any youth.


Although in many areas people become accepted this is as normal. But everything has its own good and bad impacts.

Nowadays youth become so involve to social media. They share everything personal, without thinking their privacy.

And the effect is they become the victim of cyber crime. Even they loose lots of money as well.

Yes, money is one the biggest issue in youth’s life. Because they have lots of needs and to fulfill them they need money.

Nowadays our India is the biggest unemployed country. So it’s obvious to face our youth a lot of issues regarding job and money as well.

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So, these are the major issues and problems faced by our youth today. Money problem, society problem, job issues and lots more.

We need to understand them and their problems. Because, youths are our future.



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