Essay on Lockdown its effect in India

Essay on Lockdown its effect in India is the main topic of this post. All we describe here about Lockdown and it’s effects briefly.


This is a very short Essay on Lockdown and its effect in India. Here it is written about 250 words.

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  • Why it is held-
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  • How lockdown affects economy-
  • Woeful state of the workers-
  • Steps to recover-

Lockdown it’s effect in India

Lockdown and Covid-19 are interrelated so far as the spread of the pandemic is concerned. With the outbreak of this incurable viral disease worldwide, the World Health Organization prescribed a long-standing lockdown, the only answer known to humanity to combat it.

Consequently, covid-affected countries declared complete and partial lockdown in some phases. India, too, took the same stand.


Here as many as five phases of lockdown were observed. During the lockdown, social distancing was maintained.

To make the lockdown a success, the mass transport system excepting the essential services was suspended. Productive units, factories, plants, and shopping centers were closed down.


Schools and colleges were also closed down throughout the country. The Govt. took an all-out effort to arrest the spread of Novel Corona.

Foodgrains through the public rationing system were provided. Markets, shops excluding medicinal and essential goods were shut down.

But the lockdown, though useful to some extent to fight the disease, has its adverse effect on economy.

The daily wage-earners, the workers, the vendors, and the day-laborers are the worst victims of lock-down. The private organizations, under the heavy pressure of loss of income, had to sack many workers.


These workers had to face a trying time to maintain their families. Covid-19 has weakened the increasing index of growth-rate of the economy.

Accepting government employees, almost all people in different sectors suffered more or less as a result of lockdown.

Only time will tell how and when Indian economy will recover the loss.


So, during the Lockdown everything seems unexpected. Situation getting down day by day. Even lots of people lost their life during these days.

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