Essay on My Country India

Essay on My Country is the main topic of this post. This is a small essay just like short paragraph for school going students.


Basically it is an Essay on My Country India. A highly populated country, including all the cultures.

We Indian feel proud to be an Indian. Because India is the only one country with lots of verities.

Essay on My Country

India is my home, my native land. India is a vast country. The land is gifted with infinite varieties of nature. It’s plants and hills, deserts and forests, lakes and rivers present a panorama of nature.


India is a highly populated country. We are sufficient in human resources.

India is the only land where you could see a variety of cultures. ‘Unity in diversity’ is the very strength of our culture.

We have got this message of peace and tolerance from our epics and classics. Our age-old heritage and tradition teach us to be universal in outlook.

My country is the biggest democracy in the world. Still we suffer from some ills and evils.

Poverty and illiteracy, fundamentalism, and casteism exist here. We must eradicate them. We are not wanting in talents. What we need


is to exert ourselves fully and fruitfully for the all-round development of the country.

For that, the equal distribution of our resources should be ensured. And progress and prosperity must come down to the grass root levels.

Corruption must be uprooted. Political sanity must be introduced. We believe that we can surmount all problems and lead our country to the way of success.

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Essay on My Country for Class 3

India is my country and I am proud to be an Indian. Because only My India brings all religions people-Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sheik everything.

Not only that it is really a beautiful country, it’s rivers, hills, plants everything makes it an amazing.

And the most special thing about India is, it brings lots of rituals, festivals which make my country more colorful and beautiful. Which you can’t see anywhere.

It’s an highly populated country. Most of the people seems honest & respective here. Because of their rituals.

India is the biggest democracy in the world. Still, we have suffered from poverty, illiteracy, corruption, and lots of other issues.

Though I believe for a better tomorrow and success for my country India.


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