Essay on My Hobby

Essay on my hobby is the subject matter of this post. If you are one of those then read this post this will help you to get your query.

Here I’m talking about an essay on my hobby, where I discover what I am and what I really want in my life.

A hobby is all about knowing yourself better and what you want most in your life. So if you really want to know yourself better then you have to read this post.

Essay on My Hobby 10 Lines

This essay is written in 10 lines, specially for the students of class 1,2,3,4 & 5

1. Basically Hobby is what i love to do most in my life.

2. So looking at my interest I have a lot of hobbies in my life.

3. First of all I love to draw paintings, recently I have joined a drawing class and therefore it becomes one of my favorite hobbies.

4. Then I also love to to play football with my friends at evening.

5. I love to watch tv shows with my parents.

6. I also love cycling, so I use to do cycling with my grand father everyday in the morning.

7. I am a little bit foody, everyday I love to test new food.

8. Really, music can give me so much pleasure that’s the reason I use to listen music.

9. And mobile gaming is an really addicted thing Earlier I use to play games but now a days I avoided it.

10. So earlier it had become my favorite hobby but now it completely vanish.

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My Hobby Essay 150 Words

Here is your essay on my hobby in 150 words. If you are in class 6,7 or 8 then this is for you.


  • What a hobby is-
  • My hobby-
  • Reason of interest-
  • Am I obsessed with it?
  • Benefits-

A hobby is a light pursuit undertaken by one in one’s leisure as a pleasant pastime.

Hobbies vary from man to man. As regards mine, I am fond of collecting old postal stamps and coins. Stamp and coin-collecting is my favourite hobby.

There is a special reason behind the choice of my hobby. History is my favorite subject. These doings and dealings of men in the past fascinate me.

The old stamps and coins with printed pictures on them remind me of the hoary past.

In imagination I travel to the unknown lands. It was my uncle who inspire me first to collect stamps. He lived in Canada from where he sent me various coloured stamps and coins of different countries.

Now I am in possession of a rich collection. I am really proud of my possession. But stamp and coin collection is not my obsession. I mind my hobby in my spare time only.

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Essay on My Hobby 250 Words

Here is another essay on my hobby in 250 words for the students of class 9 & 10.

I love to gather knowledge from different sources like mobile, television and so on.

Nowadays Mobile is the best source to acquire a lot of knowledge each and every day. But that only possible if you really would really know how to use that device.

And I also love to discover many things from our nature. I can really feel that nature is the only source to acquire true and ultimate knowledge.

So that is all about my hobby and wishes in my life which I really want to do in my life.

Knowledge is infinity, your whole life will be very small to acquire all the knowledge in this world. I just wanna try this life to know this world as much as possible.

This is going to be crazy, love your life and enjoy the living. This world is so big to know and a lot of things are available to know just keep open your senses.

Obviously playing is gonna be a another best hobby in students life. I love to play football with my friends.

Another interesting hobby is spending more time all alone. When you are all alone only then you understand yourself better. And I really want to know myself.

I also use to read books because books are the written source of knowledge. So I read books every day.

Listening music is another my favorite hobby, cause music gives me pleasure and happiness.

This is all about my hobbies in my regular life. And I love to do all that activities.

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Final words

This essay on my hobby is really discovering someone to know themselves. It will help them to discover what they really are.

Most of the people don’t know themselves what they are and what they really want in their life. It is our life so we have to know ourselves better instead of others.

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