Essay on Nature is one of the most popular assignments among students’ assignments.

In this post you will get a complete collection of essay on nature. From class 1-10, all can get their need.

So if you are among one of them then read this post completely from 10 lines to 250 words.

Essay on Nature 10 Lines

Here is the short essay on nature within 10 lines for kids, who are in class 1,2,3,4,5.

1. Nature surrounds us that is the only thing we live for.

2. In it, we find countless beautiful landscapes, breathtaking scenes, and amazing sounds.

3. Clean air to breathe, a livable place for us to live in, our food, water, and everything that surrounds us is because of the nature.

4. It is the mother of all creatures on this earth.

5. I think that the natural environment is so beautiful and wonderful!


6. Nature has always been a source of inspiration for all great minds.

7. Nature is a key factor in the evolution of any society.

8. The environment is also an essential part in our lives.

9. It provides us with the air that we breath, food that we eat and water that we drink.

10. Nature is a constant source of benefits to mankind.

Essay on Nature

Essay on Nature 150 Words

This essay is written within 150 words specially for the students of class 6,7,8.

We are surrounded by natural things in which we can find relief and relaxation. Particularly, when we live in the city, the quiet of the forest, the song of the birds, the wind rustling in the trees is a pleasure to our eyes and ears. All of us have some favorite places where we like to spend time for contemplation and resting from our daily activities.


Nature is a thing of beauty. It inspires us to look at the world in awe and amazement. We talk about nature a lot, but this is about how nature and technology have inspired some amazing inventions, machines, and robot animals.


The environment is also an essential part in our life. It provides us air that we breath, food that we eat and water that we drink to survive in this world.

It is not an overstatement to say that our relationship with nature is in turmoil. Pollution, deforestation, resource depletion, and climate change have forced us to rethink how we interact with the earth.

Essay on Nature 250 Words

This essay on nature is for the students of class 9,10. It is written about 200-250 words.

It is all around us, in various forms and at any time; it can either be kind to us or become terribly brutal and monsoon too. The very existence of this wide variety in forms or things of nature itself is sufficient enough to answer the question – What is nature?

Nature is the perfect word to define the whole world. Everything on this world is related to nature in one way or another and thus it has been given a definition of its own; therefore, it is called nature.

The beauty of nature around us is sometimes taken for granted but it makes you wonder if there exists anything more beautiful than this. Trees, after all, hold the planet together.

Nature is beautiful. We can watch the sunrise and sunset, watch the trees swaying in a gentle breeze or listen to the birds’ melodious songs early in the morning.

Nature is the best artist of all. Nature is our mother and protector. We are connected with nature since we have birth. We should respect and love nature because it gives us life, fresh air and vital energy.

People of today are more concerned about their physical comforts than any other. They are so addicted to the modern-day amenities which have made their life hectic and dull that they are no longer able to enjoy a game of nature.

Nature is something that makes us think about the environment, the protection of nature and the conservation of our planet for the future.


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