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Essay on Newspaper in 100-300 Words For Class 5-12

The newspaper has brought lot of insight to people around the world. It has helped people express their feelings and thoughts. I would like to talk about newspapers and it’s importance.

A newspaper is a daily publication filled with content that discloses all the latest happenings in the local, national, and international political scene as well.

So here you will get essay on newspaper for different classes. This post contains from10 lines to 100, 200, 250, 300, 350 words essays.


Essay on Newspaper for Class 5

Here is an essay on newspaper for class 5. This essay deal with  very small  and simple lines.

1. A newspaper is a sheet of paper that contains news, stories and pictures.

2. Newspapers are distributed throughout the whole world.

3. Newspapers began in Italy in the sixteenth century.

4. Newspapers are read by people of all ages.

5. Everyone enjoys reading newspapers.

6. They are interesting and informative.

7. It contains all current events which make us updated in our daily life.

8. Newspapers are the treasure of knowledge and information.

9. Newspapers are among the oldest and most traditional ways of delivering information.

10. We should all read newspapers to keep ourselves updated.

Essay on Newspaper 100 Words

Here is another short essay on newspaper in 100 words. If you are looking for a short one thn read this.

Every day reading newspaper is a good part of our routine.

Newspaper keep us in touch with the news. It helps us to know about current news around the world. Newspapers are divided into sections like Sports, Business and Entertainment etc.

In my memory a newspaper is the symbol of knowledge.

Although technology has changed a lot, people still like to use old things. Newspapers also have some positive effects on our health.

We should all read newspaper because it helps us to keep updated. It’s a good habit to be smart and updated.

Essay on Newspaper 200 Words

In this section we describe an essay on newspaper in 200 words. Check out this essay if you need one.

Newspaper is a printed sheet containing information about events, stories, and public notices–such as news or advertisements.

It is a popular source of information for many people who like to read about any kind of event in the world. Newspapers are published daily, weekly and monthly by a publishing company.

Some newspapers provide their news coverage on their own websites. Others also provide it through social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

It provides information about politics, business, sports and other topics.

News make one wise. This phrase is true because it is the newspaper that comes to our home or office every morning or evening with a variety of news and views about what has happened today.

There cannot be today’s world without any newspaper because it plays a very important role in people’s life.


Newspapers plays a great role in making people aware of things happening around them.

Newspaper is a most popular, fast and cheap means of communication in our country. It plays an essential role in the process of growth and development of our country.

The one best thing about Newspaper is that it keeps you up to date with all daily incidents, news, and politics. Almost all newspapers are published in different parts of the world.

Essay on Newspaper 250 Words

Here is another essay on newspaper in 250 words. This is quite interesting so read this.

Newspaper is one of the best sources and media through which we can get updated about latest incidents in our country.

Newspapers are so important that we cannot imagine our life without them. They have not only reduced our every day worries but they also keep us informed about current affairs.

Newspapers are not just a form of communication media between the government and common people, it is also a strong source of information that includes all necessary aspects related to daily life.

Reading newspaper is a part of our daily life. It makes us to be updated on current events. In the era of the internet and new media, we can get information from online. But reading newspaper is very important in our life.


News has become a fad in the present times. It is thanks to the rapid advancement in the field of technology. Information travels with the speed of light, which makes it a vital part of our lives.

Newspaper is propagating knowledge among the people. It educates them about social, cultural and political matters. It also gives opportunity to people to express their views. It creates sense of oneness among people of different regions and countries.

Newspapers are an important part of our life culture. Some people use newspapers for their personal as well as for business requirements. Newspapers are used for spreading information on various topics across the globe to common man and educated people.

Essay on Newspaper 300 Words

This is another essay on newspaper in 300 word for you. If you need one descriptive essay then check it out.

I like to read newspaper in my spare time. It has become a habit for me to read newspaper every morning. I read it at the bus stand, as soon as I reach school and sometimes during my lunch breaks too. This is because reading daily news is essential for the soul of everyone.

Everyday we borrow a lot of information from the newspaper and spend a lot of time reading it. A student who wants to get information about daily, monthly and yearly news should read newspaper.

Newspapers are sources of getting news about different incidents of the world. Earning information on current affairs is very easy through newspapers. It plays the most important role in the study of any science by providing detailed information.

Newspapers were the best friends of people in past. But nowadays newspaper has become only a collection of old news, gossips and etc. Newspaper is very important for us. It gives us latest updates from worldwide, helps us in using our spare time and enrich our minds.

Newspaper is a source of information. Newspaper provides daily news and often articles about politics, sports and entertainment. People read newspaper for two purposes: to know the events occurred in their country and world and to gain knowledge about social topics.

I have been reading newspaper from my childhood. It was a daily routine to read the newspaper in my house because my father was keen to read it in the morning. It was a part of our daily life.

Newspapers are important in our day-to-day life for keeping us informed about current trends and ongoing activities in the field of politics, sports and education. Newspapers contain not only news but also opinion, advertisements, fiction and other literary pieces.

It is necessary for everyone to maintain a regular reading schedule. The newspaper is a helpful resource for gaining information about current events as well as for taking a break from the routine.


The newspaper is considered as one of the best ways to stay informed about present affairs, both local and international. It has been with us since the dawn of the modern age.

Newspaper has more to its importance in our daily lives than mere reading. It can play a powerful role in your personality development and enhancement.

In today’s world, the best way to keep yourself updated on all interesting and important events is by reading on newspaper. Newspapers are the only medium through which you can learn so many things in such a short period of time.

But now a days internet has changed everything. People use social media instead of reading newspaper. As social media gives you all the information instent. But although newspaper has it’s own importance.

So this is all about essay on newspaper I hope you like all these all collection. Do share with your friends.

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