Essay on Patriotism

Essay on patriotism is the main topic of this post. Patriotism means love for the nation where you live.


So in this post you will learn exactly what patriotism is? And how kind of people they are?


This is a very short essay on patriotism for school going students like for class 4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Patriotism Essay

Patriotism is love for one’s own country. It is a noble sentiment of the human heart. It prompts a human being to act selflessly for the cause of his country.


A patriot feels for his fellowmen and fights for the honour of his country. Private interest does not count at all.


He smiles when his country smiles. He sheds tears when the people of his land suffer. He remains always ready to sacrifice his life for the good of his nation.

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Indian history offers us the heroic deeds of her brave souls. During the freedom movement, many people kissed the gallows smilingly.

Their supreme sacrifice is the price of our freedom, our happiness.

But it is a pity that their dreams are yet to be fulfilled. Poverty and illiteracy casteism and communalism are eating into our vitals. We must try to eradicate them.


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