Essay on Punctuality

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Short Essay on Punctuality

Punctuality means proper use of time. It is an important factor in determining the success of a person.

A punctual man behaves in a disciplined manner. On the other hand, an unpunctual man bores everyone around him.

Today life is moving fast. It is full of sick hurry and divided aims. Everyone is busy. None is ready to wait.

It is our duty to keep our promises, discharge our duties in time. We should not keep others waiting for us. We should be considerate of their interests.

But it is a pity that we often act conversely. We idle away our time. Unpunctuality costs us greatly. Time pays handsomely when we pay the time its due price.

Otherwise, we suffer a lot. Sweet are the fruits of punctuality. What is to be done today is not to be put off for tomorrow.

Naturally, the work of tomorrow is half-done or left undone. We must cultivate this excellent habit from our childhood.

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