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Essay on Road Safety

Essay on road safety is the main topic here. Now a days thousands of people are died due to road accidents.


This essay is mainly focused on the topic of road safety. To learn basic things about the reasons for road accidents and what are the safety tips to avoid road accidents, read this post.

This short essay is about 200 words for class 5,6,7,8,9,10. Best suitable for those students written in very simple and easy words.


  • Introduction-
  • Problems-
  • Benefits of safe driving-
  • Laws-
  • Mass-
  • Awareness-

Road Safety Essay 200 Words

Reckless driving is one of the major causes of a road accident. The car-drivers often refuse to obey the traffic rules. The bike riders without a helmet enjoy riding. The drivers of the four-wheelers hardly use seat-belts. Parking cars here and there is another problem. The street signals are not also carefully minded. Overtaking occurs often.


All this contributes to the alarming rise of accidents. Hence the W.B State Government has launched “Safe Drive, Save Life

” campaign with all seriousness.

To rouse consciousness among the drivers and the passengers is the crying need of the day. Unlicenced cars, bikes should not be allowed to run.

Any infringe on the rule of the road should be severely dealt with. The awareness campaign should have recurred.

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Schools, colleges, universities have to campaign to make people aware of rash driving. Law alone can’t put an end to the nuisance. Mass-awareness is to be roused.

We are to keep in mind that the roads are meant for all. We have no right to take away the lives of others, risking our own lives.


So we must be aware about road safety. We must keep in mind that how many people loosing their life daily.

Safety is the only way to stop road accidents. And ultimately it help to reduce the number of accident death.


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