Essay on Save the Water

Essay on Save the Water for all the students, to let them know what actually water does mean.

Here in this post we are going to share some short essay on save the water.

All you need to understand the real meaning of water and spread the awareness to other.

Essay on Save the Water 10 Lines

Here is an Essay on Save the Water in 10 lines for school going students, class 3,4,5.


1. Water is the necessity of daily life for mankind.

2. Drinking, bathing, and many other activities are not possible without water.


 3. On an average, each person uses up to 150 liters of water a day.

4. With rising population, industrial growth and modern lifestyle, the demand for freshwater is more and more.

5. It has been predicted that, in the future, scarcity of clean drinking water will be one of the greatest challenges facing the world.

6. Therefore it becomes important to save what we have or acquire it from other alternatives.

7. However, this water drawn from oceans isn’t going to be sufficient for the expanding population of the future.

8. It is a period when most of us have become conscious about the importance of water conservation.

9. Even, there are many occasions when we need to save water because water scarcity is one of the major natural resource problems around the world.

10. Due to its importance, governments of different countries keep checking the use of water so that it does not get over.

Essay on Save the Water

Essay on Save Water 150 Words

Here is an essay on save water on 150 words for class 6,7,8 student.

Save Water essay in English language gives immense information on the importance of water conservation.

We need water from the early morning to night, drinking, bathing, washing and lots more things we do with water.

Without water we can not survive even any living creature could not live without water.

Water is essential for life. We cannot live without water. It is as precious as gold. The phrase “Save Water” makes more sense now than ever before. We should not waste our water.

It is a period when most of us have become conscious about the importance of water conservation. Water is essential for life. We cannot live without water.


We cannot end the water problem unless we raise the awareness on the water conservation. Our planet is having a scarcity of water and we are contaminating it at a faster rate.

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Essay on Save the Water 200 Words

This essay on save the water is about 200 words for class 9,10 students.

Water is the most important resource on the planet, but we can’t survive without it.

The current rate at which we are using water, it will be over by 2050.

We need to do something about this before it’s too late.

Water is about to become more precious than oil, but many of us don’t know it yet.

It is necessary to protect the environment. Otherwise, we will have terrible consequences: floods, storms, and earthquakes. And forests and meadows will disappear.

So we all must do our best to make life better in our planet.

Save the water is an organization that was formed on 23rd July 2003 to harness the intellect and goodwill of its members to contribute toward the country’s increasing problems of water scarcity.

Unused water and poor management have reduced our water resources dramatically.

It is widely agreed that environmental degradation is one of the major causes of this situation in many parts of our country.

Water is an incredibly important resource. It is vital for all life, but our supply of it is under threat from many different sources.

Wasteful use of water must be curbed if we are to continue to enjoy its benefits.


Saving water is essential for both the present and future on this planet.

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An Essay on Save Water 500 Words

This essay on save water is written in 500 words for class 11,12 and higher students.

Water is important for human beings. Sometimes we have to do something for nature and save the water.

Water is essential for human beings but water should be used with care.

For example, if some people wash cars or plants without turning the tap off, a considerable amount of water can flow down the drain.

Imagine how many days and months of life this could be supplied for people who don’t have clean drinking water?

You can track your usage of water resources as well as save water in your area in three simple steps of installing a sensor, setting up an alert to remind you when you are using more than the set limit, and paying less on your monthly bill when you use lesser than what’s permitted.

Water is the most important for us. It can not be denied that water is the necessity of life and humans.

so we must have to conserve water. Unfortunately, industrial and agricultural activities have caused a scarcity of water.

Do you know that a used tea bag or coffee filter can be a helping hand in saving our environment?

Imagine if every household composted used teabags and used Coffee filters, imagine how many trees we could save?

Life is a struggle in India. With a lack of resources, we are killing every spec of freshwater that God has provided us with.

Imagine if each drop of water was protected.

Here’s the campaign that wants to spread awareness on water conservation and protect freshwater resources by making them smarter.

A movement that wants to create more fresh sources of clean drinking water for all.

Our world is facing a lot of problems and pollution is one of them.

The earth is facing a lot of issues due to deforestation, climate change, and pollution.

We use water in various ways and sometimes we don’t actually know where this goes. This impacts our health.

One such way is by throwing in our trash or harmful chemicals into the water bodies like rivers, lakes, etc.

At the end, it all becomes a toxic waste for us and we cannot even drink what comes out from these sources.

It pains me to see people litter the streets and try to throw their waste/rubbish in the water bodies.
It pained me when I saw him litter the street and try to throw his waste in the water body.
What if your kids don’t do these things because you taught them not to?

The benefits of saving water are many. For example, it is a serious problem if the water table is depleted excessively and in many countries, there are efforts underway to save water.

Did you know the world consumption of water has doubled over the last 50 years? Even though we are aware of its importance, we are not practicing water conservation.

In Australia, on an average, every family uses more than 200 gallons of water per day for their various needs.

This results in more than 60 percent of our total water usage. Most of this unused water is actually consumed by leaks in your pipelines and plumbing at your home.

You can save millions of liter per year if you repair all the leaks in your home’s plumbing system too.

We need to save the water as much as we can for our future generation.


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