5 (BEST) Essay on Save Tree For Class 1-10

It is a nature’s gift to us to fulfill our aesthetic pleasure and needs. The existence of trees has not only eased man’s economic needs but also enriched his spiritual life.

Save the trees essay” is a phrase that we have heard too many times. It gives us an idea that everyone is responsible to save the trees.


Each person can do his/her bit to save trees and maintain a healthy environment. Trees are the provider of oxygen and clean the atmosphere. They give shelter and food to numerous living beings.

Essay on Save Tree For Class 1 & 2

This short essay is for the students of classes 1 and 2. It is written about 10 lines so that they could understand easily.

1. We all need a green environment to live peacefully and happily.


2. There are thousands of trees on earth; they are sources of oxygen

3. Trees give us enough oxygen to breathe.

4. Everyone should think about environmental protection while constructing anything.

5. Trees are being cut down fast and in a very destructive manner.

6. It is the most important work of our life. So, we should be careful about it.


7. It will give us many fruits, leaves, wood etc.


8. To save trees we should think first before cutting them.

9. Moreover you can get shelter from a tree.

10. It is our duty to plant more trees to save our environment.

Essay on Save Tree For Class 3 & 4

Save Trees in India has got the best solution for you. Here you would find a lot of information about Save Our Mother Earth.

It’s really very important for us to save trees. They are like mothers, fathers, and even our gods. Its trees which give us oxygen, water, and food.

If we cut them we will be in scarcity of air, water, and food. So we should give respect to our gods by saving them.

They will just kill you if you cut them. So let’s save our mother Earth otherwise they will die and then we can’t get their service in the future.


Essay on Save Tree For Class 5 & 6

This short essay is specially for the students of classes 5 & 6. Read this simple and easy essay on save tree.

Trees are the source of our life. Life cannot be possible without trees. Trees give us oxygen which is very essential for living being.

It acts as shelter to protect us from the harshness of weather conditions here on earth. It provides fruits, leaves, wood and so many things that are helpful for mankind.

It also provides many living creatures shelter from natural calamities. As it can provide many material benefits, so we should protect the forests and plant more trees in order to make this earth a better place to live in the future.

Trees help protect our soil from wind and water erosion. We often take trees for granted and forget about their importance to our world until we lose them.


Essay on Save Tree For Class 7 & 8

Trees are the most important thing in this world. So we must save them and try to plant more trees.

Trees are the most in important things in this world. Trees give us oxygen and many other benefits.

A tree is the gift of mother nature. It gives us oxygen to breath. It gives us shelter because many of birds make their home at a tree top.

We must be concern about the trees. Trees are most essential and necessary of all. There are various types of trees. We use them on different ways. They provide various things to us. For example, in summer we can get the cool air from it and in the rainy season they help us to get shelter.

Be inspired to take action. Do something today that will improve your life and the environment tomorrow. So to save our earth we should save them.

Essay on Save Tree For Class 9 & 10

If you are looking for an essay on save tree for classes 9 and 10 then don’t worry. Let’s read this essay.

Trees are the source of our life. They give us oxygen. They give us wood, fruits and shelter. There are many living creatures in the trees which are very important for our earth. They are also very beautiful. So we should plant more trees and save them as they will save our life on earth.

Without trees, we cannot live on this earth with our standard of living. Trees are not only natural resources, but it also gives us a whole lot of other things that humans cannot live without.

we need trees everywhere in the world. They are our support system. they can supply air, shelter food etc. we should not cut them at any cost. Their leaves make earth look pretty and we get lot of things from them.

They also support many animals and insects. If we don’t respect these great beings, we’ll realize it later when Earth becomes nothing but a skeleton of a planet. To avoid this, let’s think twice before cutting them off.


Despite the fact that the world has been facing a lot of environmental issues like global warming, pollution, deforestation and air pollution, we tend to forget that we also need to take care of trees.

Trees are like our best friends, who give us everything we need. The air that we breathe comes from the trees. It helps us to survive on this earth, which is our home too.

Trees play an important role in our day to day life. They have four season and we enjoy it in various ways. They provide us oxygen and fruits like orange, mango, apple etc., give us wood for making furniture, houses, etc.,make the environment clean, give us shade. They are the source of our life and we should take good care of them by planting more & more trees to live happily with trees around.



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