Essay on School Bag

Essay on school bag is the main topic of this essay. Every student carries school bags with all education equipment.

But nowadays school bags are becoming heavy which makes a burden for students. Every teacher

must be aware of this.

So in this essay you will learn about the importance of school bags in students life.

Short Essay on School Bag 150 Words

Children going to school with bags on the back is a very common sight. The sight does not hurt our eyes. But once we carry the bag ourselves, we feel the weight is too much.


We may ask ourselves- why our childhood is so burdened? This question is uppermost in the mind of educationists.

So some states have already taken the decision to lessen the weight of the school-bag. It means kids will
have to carry less weight.

Today they are to read fat books of a wider variety. The present-day syllabus is taxing and terrifying to them.

But the Board or the authority is totally callous to the problem. From the beginning of childhood, a kid is thrown into an unhealthy competition for success.


Parents want nothing but success for their children. School marks one excellent or average. But they forget that education minus joy is no education at all.

The larger the bag, the sadder the children. Let our kids learn first from nature and life. Let them first feel that
learning is sheer fun and joy, not a burdensome experience.

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Essay on School Bag 250 Words


One of the most important things for a school going child are his/her school bag and the books inside it. A child’s school bag is an important tool which helps them to keep their books, pencils, writing pads and many other tools for their studies safe.

School bags have a huge responsibility. They carry your books for school so you can read and learn new things. In their bag, we also place our pens, pencils, erasers among others which are instruments that we use in school everyday.

School bags are the icons of academic and educational excellence that this nation needs to achieve its goal of becoming one of the developed countries in the world.

School bag is the handy and appropriate object for students to carry their essential things.

But nowadays, the school bag has not only been used as the storage place of students’ common stuffs but also a matter of concern for parents.

Heavy loads of books including with home works and lots pressure become burden for students.

Burden not only refers to the heavy load possessed on shoulders but also the mental pressure. The school bag is one of the burdens for students. It is necessary to carry in their hands on the way to school, it will mentally bring them suffering and inconvenience.

The burden of school bags will bring some negative effects on our children.

So we must be aware about this serious issue and should look into our education system.


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