Essay on Solar Energy | 150 Words

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So basically solar energy is the energy that is consumed from the sun by the solar system. In this process, Solar energy is store and transform as electricity. And that was absolutely free of cost. As it is a natural resource.


Therefore we can use this solar energy as our regular electricity need. And the best part it is absolutely free.


Essay on Solar Energy

Energy crisis is a matter of great concern to our country. The conventional energy store is fast consumed by our mechanized society.

The store being limited and the use rampant, the shortfall is predestined.In this perspective an alternative renewable energy source is imperative.


The energy science shows us the direction. Coal, fuel, oil like petroleum and diesel are becoming exorbitant day by day. The water generated electricity is also costly.

The huge arrangement for the generation of hydro and wind energy costs us a great price.

In this perspective an easy all-time-use but echo-friendly energy fountain is required badly to satisfy the claim of our machine civilization.

 And here comes the need of solar energy. The sunrays are a vital source of energy.

We also have the technology to tap the solar energy and chanel it into a steady supply line for our domestic and industrial uses.

The call for using solar energy is to be taken will all seriousness. Solar energy involves low cost.

Solar Energy Essay Conclusion

The solar energy plant should be installed more and more. The consumption of solar energy is totally free from pollution.

The Government lays stress on it’s use. Already schools, colleges and offices are encouraged to avail themselves of solar energy scheme. Let us take the issue seriously for our own interest.

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