Essay on Sound Pollution

So this post is all about sound pollution. Sound is a part of our living if we pollute noise then obviously it will harm us.

So lets read this sound pollution essay. This is a very short essay specially for class 7-10.

Learn the basic about sound pollution. And how to decrease it for a healthy living.

Sound Pollution Essay

This essay is for:

All the students of class 7,8,9 & 10. And it is written within 250 words. Means compatible for those who are looking for 100, 150 & 200 words as well.

Noise pollution is one of the most pernicious evils that have been plaguing social life.

It is a veritable nuisance to all, especially urban people.

Today the villages are not also spared. Noise pollution is mainly caused by the bawling horns of automobiles, reckless use of loudspeakers, and the bursting of crackers.

Overpopulation and industrialization accelerate the rate of sound pollution. People hardly find any
calm in towns and cities.

The environmentalists repeatedly warn us about the ‘epidemic of nervous disorder’ to be caused by sound pollution.

But we pay little respect to their words of caution. The supreme court has passed a ruling to restrict the level of sound pollution.

But the law is observed more in its breach than in its observance. The authority must
enforce the law strictly. But mass-awareness is more effective than the law in curbing sound pollution.


So, sound pollution is really effective on ears. We must be conscious about noise pollution. And try to reduce it as much as possible.

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