Essay on Sound Pollution

So this post is all about sound pollution. Sound is a part of our living if we pollute noise then obviously it will harm us.

So lets read this sound pollution essay. This is a very short essay specially for class 4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Learn the basic about sound pollution. And how to decrease it for a healthy living.

Sound Pollution Essay 10 Lines

1 . Sound Pollution is a serious problem in todays world.

2. The more industry we build the more sound we create.


3. It can be caused by many things like engines, aircrafts, vehicles, music sytem etc.

4. And the result is facing earing problems and other effective disease.

5. Sound pollution is rapidly growing its extend and effects to this environment.

6. Day by day it is increasing so it is our duty to prevent this sound pollution.

7. Otherwise the effects could be felt by this whole environment and its living creatures.

8. It is not impossible to overcome this sound pollution if we try then definitely we find solution.


9. Government already banned crafts and mines, which are the huge source of sound pollution.

10. On the other hand we should also take preventive steps to avoid this pollution.

essay on sound pollution
Sound Pollution Essay

Sound Pollution Essay 150 Words

Noise pollution is one of the most pernicious evils that have been plaguing social life.

It is a veritable nuisance to all, especially urban people.

Today the villages are not also spared. Noise pollution is mainly caused by the bawling horns of automobiles, reckless use of loudspeakers, and the bursting of crackers.

Overpopulation and industrialization accelerate the rate of sound pollution. People hardly find any
calm in towns and cities.


The environmentalists repeatedly warn us about the ‘epidemic of nervous disorder’ to be caused by sound pollution.

But we pay little respect to their words of caution. The supreme court has passed a ruling to restrict the level of sound pollution.

But the law is observed more in its breach than in its observance. The authority must
enforce the law strictly. But mass-awareness is more effective than the law in curbing sound pollution.

Sound Pollution essay 200 Words

Do you know Sound pollution? It refers to the harmful effects of noise on the natural soundscape, our well-being and health.

The problem is daunting because we can’t see it, yet it’s spreading at an ever-increasing speed. We define pollution as unwanted sound.

Sound Pollution:

Sound pollution is defined as the unwanted or excessive noise that creates disturbance in the atmosphere surrounding the place.


Excessive sound is audible on a regular basis and is considered to have a negative impact on the people living in that particular environment. 

Sound pollution has a serious impact on animals and wildlife also. That is why you find animals like Ducks quacking at night when they are used to a peaceful environment.

There are various reasons behind this phenomenon and we will discuss all of them with you in detail.

Sound pollution is the degradation of useful sound or noise in a man-made environment.

In a lot of cases and different areas, there is sound pollution, unfortunately, it is often taken for granted.

The noise emitted as part of sound pollution can have a significant impact on human health, causing sleep disturbance, stress and hypertension, and therefore also has an effect on the well-being of people.

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Sound Pollution essay 250 Words

Sound pollution has become a serious problem in big cities.

Very loud noise can go beyond certain limits. It is a kind of violation and disturbance for the society as a whole.

Sound pollution has become a serious worldwide concern for both the scientists and the world citizens.

Sound pollution is increasing day by day and this is due to the expansion of industries, factories, construction work, music systems in streets, etc.

These all are the cause of sound pollution and its effects. The main sources of sound include motor vehicles, aircraft, ships, trains and industrial sounds.

All these man made sounds have adverse effects on woman-animals as well as people.

Sound Pollution is the disturbance of humans or animals by loud extended sound, sound pressure and in some cases ultrasound.

Sound pollution is an increasing problem in today’s world.

Sound Pollution is largely caused by machines that make too much noise.

It can also be caused by many things including engines, traffic, airplanes, construction and some musical instruments.

This sound pollution has a bad effect on people, animals, and plants. So we should do something to avoid this kind of pollution as much as we can.

Therefore, people should be aware of the problems it causes and take the necessary steps to reduce them.


So, sound pollution is really effective on ears. We must be conscious about noise pollution. And try to reduce it as much as possible.

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