Essay on Tension | Social Tensions

Essay on tension is the main topic of this post. Tension is a mental pressor for a particular thing.

So, hi reader if your are looking for an essay on surface tension then this is the right place.

Here we specially focus on that particular thing. As every people have to face this through their life.



  • What is tension?
  • Why it happens?
  • It’s effect-
  • How to get rid?

Short Essay on Tension

The term ‘tension’ means a feeling of anxiety and stress. It also implies an excited state of mind that robs us of our mental peace and we find it impossible to relax.

Tension owes its origin to some biological factors. The excessive excretion of some emergency hormones due to some pressing circumstances of life creates a kind of mental imbalance.

Some sort of restlessness is produced in our minds. We undergo a phase of pressure. Tension mounts up.

Anyway, tension is a by-product of modern life. Our mind is a mechanized, consumerist society where we always run after peace, comfort, and happiness.

But basically, we strive for nothingness. The gap between the petty done and the undone vast widens. The difference between deeds and desires, aspirations, and achievements becomes prominent.


The feeling of dissatisfaction haunts us. We lose mental equilibrium. We fall easy prey to tension. However, the tension of any sort does no good to us.

It is an abnormal state of mind. Under tension, we hardly do any work worth mentioning. Rather a tensed being is prone to make mistakes that may harm his life. It kills our sanity.

Hence we are to guard ourselves against this mental enemy. To get rid of tension is not easy. But we can fight it out only by developing our self-confidence.

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So this is all about an essay on tension. Through this paragraph, you learned what really tension is? It’s the effect on our life and health.

We must know the action to get rid of that. So we have to practice to be more confident and courage within ourselves.


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