Essay on the School Library

Essay on the school library for school going students because in most of the cases this essay has been asked in their exam.


So here is the short essay on the school library. It is easy to understand and read.


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  • Introduction
  • It’s uses
  • Variety of Books
  • Create desire to read more books
  • It’s deficiency, if any
  • Advertisement
  • Final words

Essay on School Library

A school library is one of the most precious possessions of a school. It is a vital part of school life and education.

Fortunately, we have a big school library with a huge collection of books. It is housed in an airy, well-lighted, and spacious hall.


The entire job of issuing and collecting books and journals is well managed by a teacher-in-charge.

Apart from the textbooks and reference books, the library has a strength of about 2000 storybooks.

The books and especially the classics enrich our minds. They help develop our literary tastes.

Besides, we are free to go through daily papers and journals. As a whole, the library provides all with an excellent scope to acquire knowledge and information on a variety of subjects.

In the reading room attached to the library, there prevails a congenial atmosphere for studying books.

Moreover, the poor students are immensely benefitted by it. On the whole, the library serves us wonderfully.


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