Essay on Yoga | Importance of Yoga

Essay on yoga is the main topic of this essay. Yoga is really helpful to our health.

So this essay on yoga is a very short paragraph. Specially for school going students.

Read this simple essay and enjoy the reading. I wish you will love this short essay on yoga.


  • What yoga is-
  • Meanings-
  • Types of Yogasans-
  • Benefits-
  • Restrictions-

Yoga Essay 150 Words

Yoga‘ comes from Sanskrit “Yug’. It means the union of individual soul with the universal spirit.

The sages and saints of India prescribed mainly four ways to achieve this union. They are ‘Gaynyoga’, ‘Karmayoga’ ‘Bhaktiyoga’ and ‘Rajyoga’.

These respectively imply the exercise of knowledge, that of labour, that of devotion, and the royal exercise of mind, body, and soul for the final preparation of union between the human self and the spirit of the cosmos.

Now, for practical use, we know some asanas or ‘bodily positions’ as ‘Yoga’. It is a very simplified concept of ‘Yoga’.

Still, it has a great importance. ‘Yogasans’ are to be practiced to control body and mind.

For this, we are to believe first that our body is a temple where the soul is the image of God. But it lies in the darkness of the temple.

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Only by exercises we can illumine the body and see or meet the soul.

So ‘Yogasans’ is a vital way to build a fine body and mind. There are many types of Yogasans.

People of all ages can choose theirs from the wide variety of Yogasans. But we are to restrict to the asans which are suitable to us according to our physical state.

However, Yogasans should be done regularly. Only then we can get maximum benefits.


Yogasans are a must for every student. For, they not only increase his/her fitness but also his concentration and attention, workability and patience.

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