How to Protect Wildlife Essay

How to protect wildlife essay with very easy and understandable words. Know more from this essay for you query.

Wildlife is a part of our this universe as it is connected with our eco system. So to survive in this world we must protect our eco system.


And wildlife is playing an important role on it. So we must save them for the equal balance of this life cycle.

In this post you will learn how to protect wildlife through this simple and easy essay.


  • Who are wildlife
  • Their existence
  • Their role in nature
  • Thread to wildlife
  • Disturbance
  • Mans greed & selfishness
  • How to protect them

How to Protect Wildlife Essay

Wildlife is those who are living in forests and jungles. In that case, animals and other creatures are the main sources of wildlife.


Those are obviously not humanlike, they are innocent and sometimes very wild. Just because they have to survive in this world.

They mainly exist in the forest areas. There they live their life as they wish. They are absolutely free there with complete freedom.

They play they eat they live, because jungle is their won home. There they can live their life freely and only jungle is the source of their existance.

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They played a vital role in our nature because somehow they are equally connected in this world’s eco system.

The rapid growth of industry poses a positive threat to wildlife. It has polluted the surrounding atmosphere and disturbed eco-balance.

The forest areas are on the wane. Naturally, it has an adverse impact on jungle life. Beasts and birds enjoy free movement in the jungle.


But with the passage of time, many wild animals have become extinct. Most of them fail in the struggle for survival.

The process of extinction goes unabated. Today many species of animals are being killed by poachers. Man kills them wantonly for their flesh, fun, or money.

In the past animals were victimized by the ravages of nature. But now human greed is responsible for the decline of wildlife.

Truly speaking, animals are the friends of humans. They keep up the ecological balance. So we need to take further steps to save them.

First of all we could save our forest by not cutting them, this will automatically help animals to survive in the jungles.

Government should take better step to restrict on animals killing, which we already seen in India.

And the third important thing we can do is planting trees as much we could. Cause these little steps will help them for their living a lot.

Naturally, it is our duty to protect them for our own interest. If we endanger their existence, we ourselves will fall in graver danger. So we should live and let them live together.

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So this is how we are all connected to this wildlife and our eco cycle stable to it’s extend. We must be aware of this and we have to do possible things to save this wildlife.

we should take further steps so that they could survive and save the life cycle.


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