I Missed My CUET Exam What Should I Do

If you missed your CUET (Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology) exam, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Contact the university:
    Reach out to the examination department or the relevant administrative office at CUET as soon as possible. Explain your situation and inform them about missing the exam. They can guide you on the appropriate course of action.
  2. Provide a valid reason: Be prepared to explain why you missed the exam. Valid reasons could include illness, family emergencies, or any unforeseen circumstances that prevented you from attending. Make sure to provide any supporting documentation if available, such as medical certificates or other relevant evidence.
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  4. Follow university guidelines: CUET likely has specific policies and procedures in place for dealing with missed exams. Ask the university staff about the steps you need to take, any required documentation, and whether there are any makeup or alternative exam options available.
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  6. Apply for a makeup exam: If the university offers makeup exams or supplementary exams for missed exams, inquire about the process and deadlines for applying. Submit the necessary application forms and fulfill any additional requirements as instructed by the university.
  7. Seek guidance from professors or advisors: Consult your professors or academic advisors regarding the impact of missing the exam on your overall academic progress. They may provide guidance on how to mitigate any potential consequences and help you navigate the situation effectively.
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  9. Learn from the experience: Reflect on what led to missing the exam and identify any steps you can take to prevent similar situations in the future. This could involve improving time management skills, setting reminders, or seeking support if you face personal challenges that affect your academic commitments.


In conclusion, if you have missed your CUET exam, it is important to take immediate action and communicate with the university. Contact the examination department or relevant administrative office to explain your situation and provide a valid reason for missing the exam.

Follow the guidelines and procedures set by the university, including any makeup exam options or supplementary exams that may be available. Seek guidance from professors or advisors to understand the potential impact on your academic progress and how to mitigate any consequences.

Finally, learn from the experience and take steps to prevent similar situations in the future by improving time management skills and seeking support when needed. Remember, each university has its own policies, so it is crucial to adhere to CUET’s specific guidelines and requirements.


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