Impact of Cinema on Youth Essay

We are all aware that Cinema is a powerful means of influencing people.But impact of cinema on youth has been more significant than we all might realize.

Cinema has had a great impact on the world. It has played an important role in presenting various films and has also influenced cultural values, people’s moral values and behavior.

Impact of cinema on youth essay will give you a brief description of the importance and cinema on youth.


Impact of Cinema on Youth Essay

The strongest impression on the life of the youth is what they get from cinema. We cannot deny that entertainment forms a major part of our lives, and movies play a vital role in it. Cinema can have a very strong impact on your thoughts, attitude, life and thinking.

Many of your opinions are formed because of the movies you have watched in your life time. The content of most films is based on fiction, but there are many topics which could provide material for realistic movies to be made. Realism can have even more impact than entertainment.

With the advent of cinema, one must not overlook the effect it has on present day youth. In the past, parents had control over what their children watch and do at home but with the upsurge of cinemas and cinemas plying their business in all parts of town, movies have become a part of daily life for many youths across the globe.


Effect of Cinema on Youth

It seems that more and more people are going to the cinema; especially young adults. Film is a very good source of inspiration and in all likelihood, this is why a lot of young people are going to watch it.

Cinema is one of the most effective mediums to communicate messages that influences the opinions and behavior of masses. The impact can be positive as well as negative. Cinema could help in inculcating good habits or bad habits in people.


Cinema is often said to be a mirror or an eyeglass of the society. It reveals the condition of the society and also gives an idea about how the society behaves, its working style and almost everything that’s happening inside it. Thus, it indirectly affects the mindset of the people.

Cinema is the art of exploiting human emotions using the medium of a motion picture. Cinema is a dynamic art because it can capture feelings and responses to situations, real and imaginary, and it can also influence them.

Cinema has long been an integral part of the Indian culture. It boasts of a rich history and is at par with the music and dance in influencing the society. It plays an important role in presenting the reality to create a better tomorrow for our youth. Its popularity does not end here. But as it is powerful enough to get it started is based on some of its characteristics like, national integration etc.

Cinema has always been the source of entertaining and educating individuals. Gone the days when cinema was a costly entertainment medium. Now it has become the most inexpensive, enjoyable and entertaining form of entertainment. The technology is getting better day by day and giving a wider scope to express its creativity in producing better quality videos.


Impact of Movies on Youth Advantages and Disadvantages

There is no denying the fact that movies have greatly influenced the lives of many. From some of the great classic film moments, to the latest blockbusters, different kinds of films have helped us imagine what could not be imaginable. There are both advantages and disadvantages of movies for youth, which we need to understand in order to decide whether these movies are really worth it or not.

Movie plays a very important role in our lives. Almost every younger generation have their own idea about movie, its effect on young minds has always been under discussion. Some think movies are just means of entertainment and have no real effect on youth.

On the other hand some think movies have bad influence on children because of various vulgar scenes. I am totally against vulgar scenes but at the same time I also think that when it comes to entertainment we need to look at other aspects as well. Take for example our freedom fighters’ autobiographies and biopic films, they always depict those people as role models for us.

We learn so many good things from them, they sacrifice their lives for us to get freedom so how can we possibly be against such movies. People who criticize these kinds of movies knowingly or unknowingly they tend to neglect the importance given to education these days in such films so that younger generation can get inspiration from them. Such films even boost up the moral and ethical values among young adults.


Impact of Cinema on Society

This essay aims to be an all inclusive account of the impact of cinema on today’s society and how it continues to permeate all aspects of our lives, including entertainment, politics, literature and research and development.

Movies have a greater impact than any other form of art as they entertain, inform and educate an average person with the least possible effort. The issue of whether or not they are beneficial to a society is debatable. Movies influence people in different ways and from different angles. There are various aspects of cinema which affect us but we hardly realize it. Movies are a form of entertainment and relaxation for us.

If you look at it differently, cinema is an important aspect of society. People all over the world watch movies on a regular basis.

Cinema has had numerous effects on the different parts of our lives such as education, fashion and technology.

The future of cinema is revolutionary, its challenges are exciting, and we have a chance to be a part of its progress. Cinema has the power to affect society in ways that are unimaginable. Cinema is not only entertainment, it can also promote campaigns, help spread messages and raise awareness, solve issues we didn’t know existed, provide professionals with knowledge and skills to help improve lives and inspire others to do better. That’s why we made Something Extraordinary.


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