Importance of Exercise Essay

There are several benefits of exercise, in this post we will discuss about the importance of exercise.

This is an Importance of Exercise Essay in very simple and easy words. Written about 150 words.

Specially to create awareness for our health, it is very beneficial for everyone’s life.


Essay on Importance of Exercise

Physical exercise is a vital means of making our physique fit and fine. It is a must for good health.

Health generally means a sound state of body and mind that ensures joy of living. It is key to happiness.

But good health is not possible without the exercise of mind and body. Through exercise, our body gets a certain nimbleness. The organs become supple.

Yogic asanas and free-hand exercises make our body strong and sturdy. They increase our immunity power. They enable us to fight diseases. They develop our power of endurance.


Now, exercises are of various types. Some are mild and some very tough. Walking, swimming is mild exercises, while ‘pranayams are very difficult.

Through regular and rigorous practice one can master pranayams. However, the exercise of any sort does immense benefit to us.

In this age of stress and strain, we should practice them for some time daily. Along with it, we may practice meditation. It will boost up our concentration and energy. Thus the exercise of any sort helps us a lot.

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