Importance of Trees Essay

Importance of trees essay in here I am talking about. This post is particularly based on Importance of trees.

This is a very short essay. Making this short so that students could understand easily.

Here in this essay, we are talking about what is the importance of trees in our life. How it helps us in our living.

  • Release Oxygen & absorb Carbon-di-oxide.
  • Gives us Fruits, flowers, shade, wood.
  • Supply life saving medicine.
  • Give shelter for wild life.
  • Prevent land erosion & pollution.

Importance of Trees:

Trees are a part and parcel of earthly life. All life directly or indirectly owes its existence to them.

They release life-giving oxygen and absorb poisonous carbon-di-oxide. We enjoy their fruits and flowers. They offer us cool shade and refreshing rain.

They supply life-saving medicines. They prevent land erosion and guard us against pollution. They shelter wildlife.

Thus trees keep up the ecological balance. But it is a pity that trees are felled indiscriminately everyday.

Thus we encroach upon the plant kingdom. Practically we play a suicidal game.

So pollution is on the rise. It destroys eco-balance. Global warming and the greenhouse effect are the net outcomes of deforestation.


Obviously, large scale afforestation is the need of the hour, It means preservation and plantation of trees.

All should come forward to make the plantation project a real success. It is to be remembered that one tree means many lives and it is to be saved for our own safety.

Importance of Trees


So, this is all about the importance of trees. It covers the real importance of trees in our life. How trees help us in our living and how earth become effected lack of trees.

I hope you enjoyed the reading. If you have any query feel free to share your thoughts.

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