Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme in English

In a world where every penny counts, understanding your rights as a consumer is vital. One groundbreaking initiative, the Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme in English, has been introduced by the Government of India to ensure you get what you deserve.

This scheme empowers you, the consumer, to demand and understand Goods and Services Tax (GST)-compliant invoices for your purchases. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme in English

, explaining its importance, how it works, and the exciting rewards it offers.

So, are you ready to take charge of your rights and potentially pocket some exciting prizes along the way? Let’s dive into the details and unravel the magic of the Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme in English!

Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme in English

The Mera Bill Mera Adhikar (MBMA) scheme, initiated by the Government of India, stands as a significant step toward enhancing tax compliance, reducing tax evasion, and promoting transparency in the country’s economic ecosystem. This scheme focuses on encouraging businesses and consumers to obtain and issue Goods and Services Tax (GST)-compliant invoices for all their transactions. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the importance of the MBMA scheme, how it works, eligibility criteria, participation steps, and the various prizes it offers. We will also discuss the benefits for consumers and businesses, emphasizing the positive impact this scheme can have on the Indian economy.


The Importance of the MBMA Scheme

The MBMA scheme holds immense significance for various reasons. GST invoices play a pivotal role in modern commerce, offering essential benefits for consumers, businesses, and the government. These invoices serve as documented proof of a transaction, which can be invaluable for warranty claims, insurance purposes, and tax deductions. Furthermore, they aid the government in tracking the movement of goods and services and ensuring that businesses fulfill their tax obligations. By promoting the use of GST-compliant invoices, the MBMA scheme contributes to tax transparency and accountability.


How the MBMA Scheme Works

The MBMA scheme operates on a lottery-based system, adding an element of excitement to the process of requesting and obtaining GST-compliant invoices. The scheme is accessible through the MBMA website and a dedicated mobile app. Here’s how it works:

  • Registration: To participate, consumers need to create an account and register for the MBMA lottery. This can be done easily on the MBMA website or mobile app.
  • Invoice Upload: The core of the scheme involves consumers uploading their GST invoices to the platform. Each uploaded invoice earns the participant one entry into the lottery, increasing their chances of winning.
  • Lottery Draw: Periodically, lottery draws are conducted, and winners are selected at random from the pool of participants. The prizes range from smaller monthly rewards to larger quarterly jackpots.

Prizes in the MBMA Scheme

The MBMA scheme offers enticing prizes to incentivize consumers to participate. These prizes come in both monthly and quarterly categories, and they can be a substantial motivation for individuals to request and upload GST-compliant invoices. The prizes are as follows:

Monthly Prizes:

  • Rs. 10,000
  • Rs. 20,000
  • Rs. 50,000
  • Rs. 1 lakh

Quarterly Prizes:

  • Rs. 10 lakh
  • Rs. 25 lakh
  • Rs. 50 lakh
  • Rs. 1 crore

These prizes are designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of participants, from everyday consumers to larger businesses, all of whom have the opportunity to benefit from engaging in the MBMA scheme.


Eligibility to Participate

The MBMA scheme is inclusive and open to a wide range of individuals. Eligibility is straightforward:

Any Indian citizen over the age of 18 can participate in the MBMA scheme. This broad eligibility ensures that the scheme can engage a diverse cross-section of the population, making it accessible to people from all walks of life.

Participation Steps

Participating in the MBMA scheme is a straightforward process:

  • Access the Platform: Visit the MBMA website or download the MBMA mobile app from your app store.
  • Account Creation: Create an account on the platform, providing the necessary details and completing the registration process.
  • Lottery Registration: Once your account is set up, register for the lottery by following the provided instructions.
  • Invoice Upload: Begin uploading your GST invoices through the platform. Each uploaded invoice grants you an entry into the lottery.

Official Website: Click Here»

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Winning

To enhance your odds of winning in the MBMA lottery, consider the following tips:

  • Upload Multiple Invoices: The more GST invoices you upload, the more entries you’ll have in the lottery. This increases your chances of winning one of the enticing prizes.
  • Encourage Participation: Spread the word among your friends and family about the MBMA scheme. Encourage them to participate as well, as this can boost the number of participants and increase your likelihood of winning.
  • Share Information: Share information about the MBMA scheme on social media, among your peers, and within your community. The more people are aware of the scheme, the more likely they are to join, further enhancing the overall impact of the initiative.

Benefits of the MBMA Scheme

The MBMA scheme offers a multitude of benefits, both for consumers and businesses.

For Consumers:

  • Incentive for Compliance: The scheme motivates consumers to request GST-compliant invoices, which, in turn, encourages businesses to issue them.
  • Tax Transparency: By participating in the scheme, consumers contribute to reducing tax evasion, fostering a fair and transparent tax ecosystem.
  • Opportunity to Win Prizes: Consumers have the exciting chance to win cash prizes by simply engaging with the scheme.

For Businesses:

  • Improved GST Compliance: The MBMA scheme serves as an additional motivator for businesses to comply with GST regulations, reducing the risk of being audited.
  • Increased Invoicing: Businesses benefit from increased requests for invoices, improving financial documentation and overall transparency in their transactions.


The Mera Bill Mera Adhikar (MBMA) scheme is a commendable initiative by the Government of India aimed at promoting GST compliance, reducing tax evasion, and enhancing transparency in economic transactions. By participating in the scheme and uploading GST invoices, consumers not only contribute to these vital goals but also have the chance to win attractive prizes.

This innovative approach benefits both consumers and businesses, creating a win-win situation for all involved. The MBMA scheme not only encourages tax compliance but also fosters a culture of accountability, ensuring a brighter economic future for India.

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