My Aim in Life Paragraph

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My Aim in Life Short Paragraph

In this changing world, it is really a tough task to choose a career. There are many alluring professions in these days. As for myself, I have thought of becoming a teacher.

I have great regard for a teacher’s profession. A teacher is the architect of a nation. He is noble and sacred

Man-making is his mission in life. He is regarded as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. He always lives in close assonance with the young people.

He enjoys the company of books. Besides, he has many holidays when he can devote himself to the study of many branches of knowledge.

He can also take part in extra curricular activities to refresh his mind. Thus he retains his test for life all along.

Considering all this I have decided to become a teacher. Again, I feel I am born to be a teacher.

Apart from pursuing studies, I have formed some good habits like early rising, punctuality, and humility.

I have confidence enough to fulfill my dream. One fine morning, I know, my dream will come true.

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