My Best Friend Essay in English

My best friend essay is all about your best friends. This is an essay in 300 words long.

Here we are talking about my best friend essay in english, which we all have. To whom we love to share our thoughts.

So, read this short paragraph on my best friend. Best and easy to understand for all students.


Points to describe your Best Friend:

  • Your nature-
  • Your friends-
  • Your classmates-
  • Your best friend-
  • Why Selected best-
  • Qualities of your best friend-
  • Why you love him/her most-

My Best Friend Essay for Class 2 & 3

This is a very short essay on best friend in 10 lines. This essay specially made for kids, like those who are in class 2 or 3.

Rohan is my best friend at my school. I love to play with him. I have many friends at my school but he is my best friend.


We always be with together. Because we love to spend more time together.

He share everything what he had. And I also share everything to him. In free time we play and make lots of fun.

I wish we always be together and love one another. Because we both understand each other.


My Best Friend Essay 100 Words

Most people have a best friend. But my best friend is not like everyone else’s.

I’ve been best friends with her for a few years, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be her best friend for the rest of my life.

My best friend is a person who always has my back and is willing to listen to me.


I would definitely consider her my best friend because she’s always there for me when I need someone the most.

She doesn’t mind even just listening to me talk about what’s going on in my family.

She never gets upset with me. She acts like she does, but she really doesn’t. She’s very forgiving, caring, understanding, sweet, patient, and thoughtful.

My Best Friend Essay in English 200 Words

This best friend essay is about 200 words. So it is best compatible with those students who are in class

6,7,8,9 & 10. Because they have been asked to write an essay within 100-200 words.

Friends are our best partner in the whole life journey. Because we love to share our thoughts to someone whom we talk freely.

And friends are the parfect partner to whoom we could share our each and every thoughts.

We generally started making friends from the school life. And there we find our best friend as well.

Because miracally there everyone find someone who understand each other.

And therefore they love to spend more time with each other and the relationship become more strong.

Exactly what happen to me I met someone in my school. Who become my best friend forever.

I love to talk with him and I love to spend more time with him. He is my best friend, Sachin.

I am an extrovert. I like to mix with people. Therefore i love to make friends and talk to them. I have too many friends.


But all of them are not after my heart. Some of them are old familiar faces. With them I have grown up. But most of them are now far away from me.

Only occasionally their blissful smile flashes upon my inward eye. There are some whom I meet and converse day by day. They are all my classmates.

But if I have to name one as my hot favourite, Sachin is an automatic choice.

He is my intimate friend. Sachin is a bright student. He is obedient, punctual and disciplined.

He never hurts the feelings of others. He is highly helpful to others. He encourages me to fare well in the exams.

I always follow his advices. I always feel comfortable with him. Some say we are made for each other.

Because understanding and trust are the two pillars of our sweet friendship.

Essay on My Best Friend in English

My best friend’s name is Raj.. He is a cute boy. He is my lovely partner and my very good friend. We are good friends since our school days.

He likes music and movies. He has many interest.

His hobby is playing songs on his guitar. We spend our time together in an open space on the ground floor of my house.

During the day we play cricket, soccer, read books and magazine or listen music with our friends.

At night we sit together and laugh a lot about our interesting life.

We made a promise to each other that we would always try not to get separate in the world.

He is my best friend forever when I feel sad and lonely I miss him dearly and it will always be like this.

He is very kind and polite. He has a lot of interest in computer games. The games which he like are superb, especially the shooting game.

He always plays the shooting game to open the horizon of his thinking.

Moreover, he likes to ask me questions to test his level of knowledge sometimes.

I feel like he is my brother. He can share anything with me.


Your friends determine your character, which means how your friends are you will become so. So, always choose your best friend loyal, sincere, and gentle.


1. What is a best friend essay?

Best friend essay is about some descriptive notes to your best friend.

2. How can I write about my best friend?

Write why you love your friend the most. Why you choose him/her as your best friend.

3. How do you describe your best friend essay?

You can describe simply by writing how you met and become so close to each other. You can also describe quality times spend with each other.

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