My Family Essay

My Family Essay – Having a family essay is the best way to share your love and passion about them.

As there are lots of people in the world, everyone has their own family and have different feelings about their loved ones.

And writing an essay is a good tool to express your opinion, stories and your deepest emotions with other people.

My Family Essay in English 10 Lines


Here is the short my family essay for kids within 10 lines. Specially for class 3,4,5 students.

1. Hi my name is Miranda and i have a family.


2. It is a big family I have five brothers and four sisters.

3. My mom is very pretty and she has long brown hair and she knows how to cook good food.

4. And my dad is tall and he works in the hospital.

5. My brothers and sisters are very nice too, they help me in the house and they are very kind to me.

6. They love me very much. My father, my mother, my brothers, and my sisters, I love them all.

7. My family and I live in a big house.


8. My brother and sister all help to make me a good boy when I was young.

9. I’ve ever experienced much joy in my life, so for that reason I value my family more than anything else.

10. My Happiness and Life Suffers Without Them.

My Family essay

My Family Essay 150 Words

Here is 150 words essay on my family for the students of class 6,7,8.

This essay is about my family values. These are very important to me because it reflects our culture, customs, and traditions. This helps us know each other better.

My family is very close and sometimes we think that we don’t need anyone beside us.

My family has proud traditions, I believe that is a very precious thing. We usually celebrate new holidays or anniversaries.

In most cases, we have to go to the places where our relatives live far away. It is always interesting for me and my brother to visit different people.

My family comprises my father, mother, sister, and brother. My father is a lawyer and my mom is a teacher. They are both very qualified in their respective fields.

My family is everything to me. It’s an important and natural part of my life ,sharing my dreams, sorrows, fears or happiness with them. My family is very funny and I love the fact that each member of my family has their own character.

My family is my life. Without them where would I be? Family means so much to me.


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Essay on My Family 250 Words

Here is the essay for class 9,10,11,12. This essay is written within 250 words.

My family is very important for me. I’m grateful that I’m a part of it.

The thing I love the most is my family. It is very hard to set the order of the preference for me, but as I think, it will turn out that I just can’t choose anything more important in life than my family.

One of the most important things in our life is our family, and our family is same as our world. It is very small world for us because we have my mom, my dad, my sister and also my brother.

I think that family is not only a people which live in one house and eat something together. It is too much bigger than that.

My family is unique in its own way and I am grateful for the way they think, act, talk, play and even bicker with each other.

I would like to talk about my family, it is not the biggest but it is big enough for me! I live with my dad and mum. My mum’s name is Polly and she works in a school as a secretary. My dad’s name is Michael and he works as an architect.

My mum is a great cook and healer, she can make up medicines with her own hands. And my father is a hard worker, he could earn a lot of money to support our family.

My family means everything in my life. I am so grateful for all of them. I have a lovely mother and father, I can say they are the best parents in the world even.

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Essay on My Family 500 Words

Here is the long descriptive my family essay for higher class students, written within 500 words.

My family essay is about a close and loving group of people, with some characteristics in their personality, which make them unique and the center of attention.

When you grow up with family members, you could not get it that they always there to support you in any case. My family is a quite big one and we are going on with our life cherishing our friendship and calmness.


Before getting into the details about my family, it is high time I give you a small introduction about myself and my family. My parents are both from South-Sudan. Both my parents are natives of South-Sudan.

My father, Abubakr Ibrahim Mukur, was born in southern state of South-Sudan and spent most of his youth in Nihi-Niji village. My mother, Meriam Ayissha. was born and raised in the old capital city of old South-Sudan, Juba.

She went to the University of Khartoum where she started her career as a lecturer and eventually got employed at the University of Khartoum. I’m the last child out of three siblings and the only boy.

I have four sisters, two elder (Mariam and Aduma) and two younger (Yohana and Fayza). I’m going to talk about my love and support for them.

The Importance of Family

No matter how small the family, it can give a new meaning to your life. Also, having a happy family is the best thing for the whole family.

My Family: How They Came to Me and Their Importance We live in the modern era where most of the people only follow their own passions. There are even those who live a lonely life and work hard for the happiness of their families.

My Family: What it Means to be Close to Your Family From the moments that you were born, you were welcomed into the family, and having a family is a big blessing. You are responsible for your loved ones, just like they are responsible for you.

My Family: How I Feel the Most What is a parent but a parent? Since we have to make our parents happy, the relationship is never about emotions but just about pure love.

How I Feel About My Family

My family is the most important one to me. They are the ones who protect me, guide me and support me.

Even if I don’t have time, I keep in touch with them all the time. They have always loved me and supported me. If you have some doubts or questions about your loved ones, ask them in a sincere manner. This will make them feel better.

There is nothing worse than being hurt. So, don’t hurt them. Be with them even if you are in college. Just make sure that you protect them with your life.


Now you should have an idea about the major things that may matter to you while picking up a perfect piece of tech to buy for yourself. So, in case you’re still having doubts, do share your queries and concerns by dropping your comments below.

Hope you enjoy these my family essay and learned a lot of things. Do share with people and let them give a chance to discover their family.


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