My Favorite Game Essay

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My Favorite Game Essay 10 Lines

1. My Favorite Game is football.

2. I Love to play football every day in the evening time.

3. I use to play football with my friends at our nearest field.

4. And I also watch football matches on TV.

5. I like to play football very much for the past 2 years.

6. And now it become my passion in my mind.

7. Even I’m thinking I would like to be a great footballer in the future.

8. My father supports me a lot in my passion.

9. But my mother does not allow me to play football as I once scratch my leg.

10. Football is a great way to develop your foot work, agility, balance and hand/eye coordination.

My Favorite Game Essay
My Favorite Game Essay

My Favorite Game Essay 150 Words

Football is my favorite game. Even in this age of cricket fever, I am a football fan.

I prefer football to other games for more than one reason.

First of all, it is purely a team game. Here the art and skill of all eleven players decide the destiny of the game.

Secondly, football is not at all time-consuming. It is usually a play of ninety minutes or so.

Again, the game provides the players with ample physical exercise.

Next comes the importance of its simple technicalities for which it is so popular.

Again, the game is not expensive. The game impresses me deeply because of its swiftness and motion and thrill.

Lastly, almost all nations play this game and the most prestigious worldwide tournaments of this game are held with pomp and splendour.


Personally, I like this game most as father has been a life-long devotee of football. It is he who inspires me continually to play this game.

Obviously, football has become a passion to me. All this explains why I like football most.

My Favorite Game Essay 200 Words

An essay about my favorite game. It’s really cool to have a place to write that stuff down!

My favorite game essay is about basketball. This sport I play once a week, and love to watch if it is on TV.

I have lots of experiences from basketball which I want to share with others.

My favourite game basketball will be more generalized, giving readers an overall impression of the game.

My aim is to make myself a good sport person and an interesting for everybody who who knows me.

I didn’t choose basketball, basketball chose me. Basketball has brought me to every continent in the world except for Antarctica and North America, and all of the United States but Alaska.

To a lot of people, basketball is just a sport, but not to me; it is my life’s passion.

I’ve had friends for years but now we have grown apart. A lot of people will tell you that when you play basketball it’s a job.

But if it’s your job are you really happy? I am a lot more passionate about the game than I was before. The light that shines in my eyes when I shoot.

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