My Garden Essay For Class 5-10 in 100-250 Words

My garden is my pride and joy. It’s not a big garden, but it allows me to grow many different types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. It also grew me inspiration for writing this essay.

When it comes to writing a garden essay, you have to be careful with the description. You shouldn’t use too much flowery language and avoid any cliched or flowery language.


Your garden should be simple, uncluttered, and striking in its own way. So if you don’t want your essay to look like these flowers and herbs are just dying out on their stems, then you need good garden essay examples.

My Garden Essay in English 10 Lines

Here is a short my garden essay in 10 lines for kids. Read this and enjoy the beauty of a garden.

1. My name is Anne E. My hobby is gardening my roses, my sunflowers and my beautiful plants which I love.


2. In the warm weather I always work in my garden which gives me new flowers and beautiful smell.

3. My garden is the shed in the backyard.

4. I’ve found my garden to be a wonderful place of relaxation.


5. It’s a great place to go if you just want some time away from all things digital.

6. My garden is my favorite part of the day.

7. I sit outside in my garden where I play and sometimes read books.


8. The air is clear and crisp. I can smell the flowers and grass.

9. Everything is beautiful and peaceful there.

10. It is surrounded by old trees, which give an incomparable sense of serenity.

My Garden Essay for Class 5 & 6

Here is the short essay on my garden for class 5 & 6 students. If you are looking for an essay for class 5 or 6 then read this one.

One thing that I like most about gardening, is the relaxed and peaceful feeling I get while taking care of my garden.

It was a pleasant day. The sun was high up in the sky, with light white clouds drifting by. The smell of fresh soil and grass filled the air.


There was very little wind today which made it a perfect day to grow flowers in my own garden.

In the summer months, I generally spend the majority of my time in the garden. It is a place where I feel calm and inspired to complete my daily tasks.

My garden is amazing! There are so many things to do. I water every day. I cut the grass in my backyard every couple of weeks.

My Garden Essay for Class 7 & 8

Looking for my garden essay for classes 7 and 8 then read this one. This one will help you for your query.

I have a small garden that is fully maintained by me. It is located down by the creek in my backyard and is enclosed by wood fencing on all sides.

I maintain my garden with regular watering and tilling of the soil. I use a variety of different flowers, trees, and plants to maintain the different sections of my garden.


Some of my favorite activities to do outside involve sitting in my garden on cool summer nights while they are full and beautiful, or when they are covered in a blanket of snow during the winter months.

My garden is full of butterflies, bees, flowers and bluebells. Sometimes we catch frogs hopping through the grass and sometimes a butterfly sits on our hand.

My mother and father water the plants every afternoon, along with me and my sister. We love to watch the leaves grow and flowers bloom.

In my garden my roses are yellow and pink, tulips are purple and orange, my pansies are hot pink, and my daffodils are yellow and orange. I love my beautiful garden so much.

My Beautiful Garden Essay

This essay is about 250 words long descriptive one. Here we describe everything about your beautiful garden. I hope you will like this one.

My garden is created around three years ago by my father. It is situated at our backyard. The Garden has everything that a beautiful garden needs.

Different trees and different plants which look amazing when they bloom in the spring season. The Garden also has a couple of water ponds and a beautifully designed pathway.

A pathway leads to the playground which has swings, a seesaw and slides for kids to play with their friends after school hours.

There I plant so many trees and flowers. My garden is very pretty and all the people who come to my home are attracted by its beauty. This garden gives me pleasure.

I watered every day in the morning when I get up and evening, at night, when I was going to bed. Sometimes it requires daily watering, sometimes it requires less watering. It depends on the type of plants that are planted in the garden.

It is so beautiful to look at those spiny plants and white roses I planted together. They blossom with their own fragrance for me.

Birds make nests in the canopy of trees and this land becomes a peaceful place for us. My ancestral home is near the garden and when I water the garden in the morning, he comes out every day to see how it is going on.

In my beautiful garden, I live with all my plants: my roses, my flowers and also some vegetables. When I was a child, I loved to play in the garden with my toys.

The flowers and the fruits it gives to me are important for me because this is a lesson from nature that is useful for me to feed myself. It is a very quiet place where you can forget your problems and relax yourself.


A garden is really a beautiful thing. It is a place where we can relax, along with us, and also enjoy the view of flowers and plants around us.

A garden really is an excellent place to have a break from our busy lives, a nice scenery wherein we can be entertained by the little nature that living inside it. I’m just thinking about the color of flowers, they are so fresh that make the environment in spring so much alive and joyful.



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