My School Essay for Class 4, 5, 10

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My school Essay for class 4

My school name is………and I read in class four. We have four teachers and a madam in our school. They teach us very carefully and respectively.

My school is decorated with colorful paints and pictures. That looks so pretty. And I love those colorful paintings.

In my school we have a small play ground. we play there at tiffin time. I love to play with my friends.

And we have a beautiful garden with lots of colorful flowers.

I learn everyday new things. And that is why I love to go to my school daily.

I love my school and my friends too.

my school essay

My school Essay for class 5

I am students of class five and My school name is ….there I learn every day new things. And for that, all the teaches help us.

We have total 25 teachers including 5 madams. They are really amazing. Because they love each and every student.

In my school, we have a total of eight classes one head office, one staff room one computer room, a library, and a hall room.

Hall room is specially for cultural programs and other organizations.

Our school has both a playground and a garden too. And I love the garden most. Because there are lots of beautiful and colorful flowers.

My school also organizes annual sports and ceremonies like arts, singing and other skills.

In my school we have all other facilities like we have parking space, launching space, toilets, water and lots more.

So I love my school and I love to visit school regularly.

my school essay
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My school Essay for class 10

The name of my school is ……. It is a co-educational H.S. School. There are one thousand students and thirty teachers in the school. The school building is three-storied. The classrooms are airy, well-lighted, and spacious.

There is a big garden in the school premises. We have a fine playground too. Our Headmaster is a good administrator. All our teachers are minutely punctual. They teach us with loving care.

We have a well-equipped library cum reading-room. Ours is a big laboratory too.

The result of our school is always up to the mark. The students of our school get a good chance to show their skills in extra-curricular activities.

We take part in games and sports, debates and seminars. There are observed many functions like Independence Day celebration, School Foundation Day, Rabindra Jayanti, etc. Our school also arranges educational excursions.

We all love our school very much. It is an ideal school to me.

Essay on Your Ideal School

I am a student of a very good school. I love my school very much. Yet I feel that it can’t be regarded as an ideal school.

I may dream of an ideal school where students and teachers turn into a composite unit. A sweet and sacred relation is to exist between the teachers and the taught in my ideal school.

There will prevail in a joyful academic atmosphere. Students are expected to learn everything amidst fun and frolic. Joyful learning is the primary objective of my model school.

Students may cultivate discipline and other moral qualities at ease.

There will be no drop-out here. Physical punishment is foreign in my school.

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